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How close is Gary to taking over the kickoff duties? The update seemed to imply X-man is still #1 on kickoffs. Is Gary going to RS if he doesn't win that job?

What's up with Goggins? If he losses the backup job to
Gary , will he transfer? Do you think he'll try to be our punter since Hall leaves after the year?



As of now it looks the X-Man will continue with his kick-off duties.  He has came into fall practices with much distance on his kick-offs.   Beitia was good on field goals of 44, 44 and 49 yards in the Seminoles' half-scrimmage   last Wednesday night in Doak Campbell Stadium.  Prior to the scrimmage, Beitia connected on a pair of 52- and 54-yard field goals.  Coach Bowden has mentioned early on in practices that it's a possibility that Cismesia could handle the kick-off duties.  My guess is that it will be a wait and see situation during the season.  If Beitia starts to lose distance, then Cismesia could come in and give it a try.



If Goggins loses his job to Cismesia, I could definitely see him looking elsewhere.  As of now Goggins has no interest in transferring.


-Dave Peters



How's he doing in fulfilling his goal to get the ball to the playmakers?

Has he faced some adversity in practice (where the offense isn't running so smoothly)? If so, does he try to carry the burden?

How are our DB's doing? I hear a lot about the LB's but are our DB's playing well?


Are any former Noles playing on attending the game?


-JetiiiNole- Orlando



From what I saw last Saturday at the FSU scrimmage, it looked like the Seminoles were doing an excellent job of distributing the ball in the hands of the play-makers.  Booker and Lamar Lewis had several nice catch and runs.  What I like is that the offense is more high percentage and it looks like it fits Chris Rix's style like a glove.  It definitely will take a lot of burden off the shoulder of Rix.


The defensive backs look to be night and day from two years ago.  I thought last year there was improvement but this year it looks to be strength.  McFadden had a solid season last year but he battled injuries late in the season. So far he's been healthy.  There could be an argument that last year Leroy Smith could have started over Stanford Samuels.  Antonio Cromartie is a difference-maker.  Look for the former USA-Today Defensive Player of the Year, to be on the field a lot.  He will start on nickel packages.  Gerard Ross looks to have turned the corner and he's having a solid fall practice campaign.  Pat Watkins could content for All-ACC honors.  Every practice he seems to make a huge play.  In last Saturday's scrimmage, he picked off a Wyatt Sexton pass for a 39-yard score.  Jerome Carter is solid and backup free safety Roger Williams will knock your head off.  Freshman J.R. Bryant has turned a lot of heads so far.  In the Saturday scrimmage, he broke up a pass in the corner of the end zone.


Every year, former Seminole players attend games.  Bobby Bowden has treated his players very well and many of them return to Tallahassee to show their support for the program.


-Dave Peters


Dave I had a couple of questions.

1. I haven't, as of yet, heard how bad the knee injury is that Donnie Carter sustained. What is the latest? Last I heard is that he had the MRI..

2. During the scrimmages how is the play of Meinrod and Castillo been. We have hear a lot about the plays of the tackles, and the two freshman guards subbing in, but not much on Monster Meinrod and Castillo?


3. Does Fagg or O'Neil see any PT or do they redshirt?

4. What is the latest on Kyler Hall redshirting?




After last Saturday's practice, Coach Bowden reported to the media that Carter will be lost for the year with a torn ACL.


Lots of times offensive linemen don't get mentioned.  That normally means that they are doing their job.  All you need to know is that the first team offense did an excellent job protecting the first team quarterback on Saturday.  I expect both Meinrod and Castillo to do an excellent job in the upcoming season.


 Fagg missed spring drills following minor surgery on his knee.  Since then he's been slowing coming on and I was impressed with his play on Saturday where he caught two passes for 29 yards.  From what I hear, there's a good chance that O'Neal could return some kickoffs.  On Saturday he caught two passes for 20 yards.  I expect both players not to redshirt.



The Kyler Hall redshirting issue is still up in the air.  It will depend on the health of Carter and Osei.  My guess is that he doesn't take a redshirt.


-Dave Peters


With Torrance Washington's knee injury do you think that Matt Dunham might now be asked to play FB (assuming he keeps his commitment) or that we start to recruit a FB (since we probably wouldn't have prior to the injury with all 4 back for 2005) - perhaps Kalvin Bailey or even Grigg?



I think Florida State knew about Torrance Washington 's situation for a while.  My guess would be that the coaches won't be looking that hard at a fullback seeing how they haven't been actively recruiting one this year but that could change.  I think Dunham is too good of an athlete to waste his talent at fullback and I could see him ending up at tight end before fullback.  However, my guess is that he will end up somewhere on the defensive side of the ball.


-Dave Peters


How has Derrick Baker looked so far in practice? I read Jeff Bowden's comments on him but havent read anything regarding him in practice! Also what is his Height, weight, & Jersey #?


-Scott( Mobile AL )


Derek has been one of the preseason's better stories, though it still remains to be seen how much playing time -- if any -- he registers. There's no denying his speed -- he recorded a personal best time of 47.48 in the 400m at the Yellow Jacket Invite in 2003, finishing in third place. When the Seminoles tested their 40-yard dash times in July, Baker stole the show- his hand-timed 4.2 was easily the fastest on the day.


Baker was an accomplished football player (running back) at Miami Northwestern. He was Dade county's leading prep rusher and won the state title in the 400-meter run. However, Baker suffered  torn ACL and MCL during his senior football season, pretty much knocking him off the football radar screen.


Baker still has plenty to learn in terms of route-running, blocking and pass-catching. Still, he has impressive skill and it's going to be fun to watch him develop. At the moment, Baker has been wearing No. 6 in practice (Willie Jones' number). He's 5-9 and around 165, according to FSU.


-Jim Henry







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