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Florida State senior quarterback <b>Chris Rix</b> has enjoyed a productive preseason. In fact, Seminole quarterbacks coach <b>Daryl Dickey</b> says this is the best Rix has looked in a Seminole uniform. Dickey also is pleased with backup quarterback <b>Wyatt Sexton</b> and freshmen <b>Drew Weatherford</b> and <b>Xavier Lee.</b> Click here for Dickey's thoughts on his quarterbacks.

On paper and on the field, Florida State should be in good hands at quarterback.

Seminole quarterbacks coach Daryl Dickey agrees.

"I think we've had a good camp overall," Dickey told TheTerritory following Wednesday's practice.

"The main thing is getting timing, rhythm and all that back and I think we've done that. Now our focus is shifting to game plan and getting ready for Miami".

Chris Rix, of course, will be the program's first four-year starter at quarterback in the Bobby Bowden era. Rix's journey at FSU has been well-documented.

He has looked brilliant at times and bad at others. But, by all acounts, Rix is determined to end his career on a positive note.

"Overall camp-wise, Chris has had his best camp by far as far as leadership, knowing the offense and being on top of protections and all that type of stuff," Dickey said.

"He has done an outstanding job."

Dickey said backup Wyatt Sexton has rebounded from a slow start. Sexton has been receiving extra snaps with the first-team offense during the Seminoles' scrimmages.

"Wyatt got off to a little bit of a slow start but has come on at the end and I think he will be ready to play when the time comes," Dickey said.

Naturally, FSU fans are excited about freshmen Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford.

Include Dickey in that mix as well.

"We are really impressed with the two freshmen," Dickey said.

"We think they are going to have outstanding careers here. They are a long ways off right now but, in an emergency, I think somebody could go out and make something happen. Who that is at this point, I am not sure. We haven't had a chance to sit down and evaluate that and we will in the next coming week."

Dickey said the pair each brings something different to the field.

"Xavier is a tremendous physical talent," Dickey said.

"He has great mechanics and a great release. He has great feet, a great athlete. He's a big, strong guy who throws a super ball.

"Drew is more of a heady competitor and will do anything to get a play run out there and get the ball off and get it to the right spot. He's working on his mechanics to get better at that. They are both outstanding prospects."

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