Bring It On

There's plenty of build-up leading to the season opener against Miami, especially for Florida State players, who have lost five straight to the Canes. <b>Brodrick Bunkley</b> understands all this. He was in the locker room after the 14-16 loss to Miami in the season finale at the Orange Bowl. The scene wasn't pretty.

Brodrick Bunkley remembers the feeling of despair following Florida State's defeat to Miami in last year's Orange Bowl.

"It really hurts, like last year in the Orange Bowl when you think that we lost to them again," Bunkley said.

But when Florida State steps onto the field, next Monday, Bunkley says all that will be behind them.

"When you're in the game you're focused on winning," said Bunkley.

Bunkley's focus will be QB Brock Berlin. Specifically, bringing pressure and hopefully recording a few sacks, an area where his team has struggled over the past few season.

From 2001 through the regular season meeting between the two teams in 2003, Florida State lacked a single sack. It's partially due to Miami's quick-hit style of offense, which leaves the quarterback with several dump options when scrambling to avoid a sack.

"I've noticed they throw a lot of short routes and it puts a little more pressure on us to get back to him," Bunkley said.

That's one of the reason why defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews has downplayed sacks in the past and placed more emphasis on forcing the quarterback to make mistakes.

Last season, during the first meeting between Miami and FSU, Berlin threw three picks while under pressure. In the Orange Bowl Berlin was picked off twice.

Bunkley knows his unit will be called on to help produce similar results this time around.

"Me personally, I want to get in after him. That's the main part of any defense is to get to the quarterback and pressure him up to make mistakes," Bunkley said.

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