Working on Plan

Florida State's offense is considered a team strength, especially since the unit returns nine starters. Seminole offensive coordinator <b>Jeff Bowden</b> chatted with the media following Tuesday's practice. Bowden visited a number of NFL camps to conme up with he once said accounted to about a 20- to 25-percent change in his offense. Click here for the details.

Florida State offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden chuckled innocently when he read his father's comments a day earlier concering the Seminoles' offense.

Head coach Bobby Bowden said FSU's offensive approach against Miami in the Orange Bowl last season was vanilla by design.

With quarterback Chris Rix entering his senior season and plenty of skill around him, FSU should have more than enough weapons when the two rivals tangle Monday.

"This year you can forget vanilla," Bowden said.

"There is going to be a little orange in there, a little strawberry, and throw in a little grape ice-cream. There is going to be a mixture this year - a rainbow offense."

Jeff Bowden just shook his head when asked about the comments on Tuesday.

"I read that," he said. "I don't know where it comes from. It was a funny article."

Still, Bowden admitted FSU has tweaked its offense.

"We are not doing anything that is uncustomary from any team, any offense or any defense. You grow so we are trying to make a few changes," Bowden said.

"I don't think we are doing anything different. I met with the entire offense today and explained to them today that we are an I-formation team and we are always going to be an I-formation team. We might be lining it up a little different but that's what we are and that's what we always have been. We have sprinkled in some three receiver sets and some four receiver sets. Miami has not made us do it but times have made us do it I think more than anything."

Bowden also admitted that any tweaks to FSU's offense should show up in the end result.

"Tweaks don't make anything unless they it makes you better. Let's wait until after the game," Bowden said. "If we are better, then we made some good tweaks. If not, I am not going to be real happy about. We will see how our kids handle what we are doing differently."

Bowden said the Seminoles have attacked the Hurricanes differently over the years as well.

"This is my fifth game with them and it seems that every other game we spread it out and just turn the ball all over the field," Bowden said.

"Then those odd games we have stayed in there with the run and kept ourselves in there with the opportunity to win the game. I am still putting my thoughts together. I would not feel uncomfortable at all if we were to go out there and throw the ball around with Chris (Rix). His decision making right now has been as good as its ever been. We are going to do whatever we can."

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