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Florida State practiced in Doak Campbell Stadium on Tuesday in preparation for its season-opener at Miami. Seminoles coach Bobby Bowden covered a variety of topics following practice. Click here for that interview.

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden met with the media following Tuesday's practice.

Opening Comments

"I think it's gonna be interesting to see how both teams respond to the delay because we've both have had to alter our practices in a way that we've never had to do before. Practice outside one day, inside the other day, half-a-day the next day. It's going to be interesting to how we respond. In other works, both teams should be healthier because of it. Both teams should have assignments down better because of it. Now you wonder what kind of reaction you are going to get physically. I can't see anything negative coming out of it. It should be interesting."

There is another hurricane (Ivan) approaching. Has there been any discussions about it?

"There has been no discussion at my level or any above me that I know of. So I don't know how big that threat is, whether that's something that's expected Sunday instead of Friday, or Saturday instead of Friday and what affect it would have. I do not know what to expect there. We'll go down there fully prepared to cancel the game."

How have your players reacted to the uncertainity.

"They've reacted pretty good. I haven't seen anybody dragging around or nobody complaining. I haven't seen any kind of ill-effects it has had on anybody."

Do you have an update on Kenny O'Neal?

"Kenny O'Neal got accepted and should be registering today. It's an iffy situation. They can't find a flaw or something, they won't do it (rule eligible). I think he can catch up eventually, but not for this game."

How is your team health-wise right now?

"We are in good shape. You still have (David) Castillo and you still have (Bobby) Meeks...which you are not planning to use. Yet, Castillo would be available but then the question comes, will he do more damage and would it be better off not getting any (action) at all. And Meeks is probably even more so that way. We are prepared if they are not going to play. (John) Frady would start at center and (Ron) Lunford would start at guard. Your punter is Chris Hall and your snapper is (Myles) Hodish. It's real close there (snapper)."

You are practicing in Doak Campbell Stadium one day following the arrival of a tropical storm.

"Our field is in good shape, thank goodness. It drains well and we had real good footing out there today. We were all planning to go inside today. It looked like the field was in good shape and we hadn't had any storms (today)."

By moving the game, you now do not have an open date.

"It's not a concern because you don't know what your injury situation will be. As long as I am not injured, I would just want to play every Saturday. Now, when they start cropping up (injuries), there comes a time in there where you need to rest. I just hope we stay healthy. Sometimes your open date will come at the wrong time. You might be in great health at an open date. And some other time you need not to play... it's all luck anyway."

There's talk of a 12-game season.

"I prefer eleven but would not complain over twelve."

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