Family Affair

Florida State receiver <b>Chauncey Stovall</b> spent the past few days entertaining members of his family as they weathered out Tropical Storm Frances in Stovall's apartment. With most of his family members safely on their way back to Gifford, Stovall's focus is shifting to the upcoming game with Miami. Click here for the details.

Florida State receiver Chauncey Stovall finally got a chance to stretch out and relax after the remnants of Hurricane Frances made its way through the Florida panhandle late Monday evening.

Around 30 members of Stovall's family, including aunts, nephews and cousins, made their way from Gifford, Fla., just inland of Vero Beach, to Tallahassee this past Thursday to take refuge from the storm in his four-bedroom apartment. Stovall said the drive from Gifford took nearly 17 hours, due mostly to the stop-and-go traffic along I-95.

It was the first time in a while that his family was together again under one roof.

Stovall blew up mattresses and lined his bedroom and living room with spots for his family to sleep. They weathered the 24-hour period when Frances crossed through Tallahassee by playing cards, and talking.

Luckily, there was minimum damage back in Gifford. Stovall's uncle's kitchen roof caved in from the rain and his grandfather's shed was blown away.

"Other than that, everything else was straight," Stovall said. "There was a little debris on the street."

Stovall's focus is now shifting from his family to the impending game with Miami, scheduled for Friday, Sept. 10. He added that, "It's very nice to know that my family's safe and that no one got hurt and just focus on the game."

As a resident of South Florida for most of his life, Stovall says the Miami - FSU rivalry hits home more with him than most other players.

"When I go home I hear about it a lot. I got friends that are Miami fans that are always telling me ‘I'm going to root for you, but ya'll going to lose,'" Stovall said.

If that wasn't enough to get him ready, Miami CB Antrel Role's recent comments concerning the ability of WR Craphonso Thorpe struck a sour cord with Stovall.

"He said no one caught a pass on him, period. Our receiving core, we're here to change that," Stovall said.

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