No Change at Quarterback

After reviewing film and meeting with his staff, Florida State coach Bobby Bowden said Monday that embattled quarterback <b>Chris Rix</b> will remain the Seminoles' starter. FSU returns to practice tonight in preparation for Saturday's home-opener against Alabama-Birmingham. Bowden made the announcement at his Monday luncheon. Also, offensive coordinator <b>Jeff Bowden</b> met with the media to talk about the decision and his unit's play against Miami last Friday.

Status quo.

After taking a long look at the quarterback spot, Bobby Bowden and his staff will start Chris Rix at quarterback in Saturday's home-opener against Alabama-Birmingham.

Bowden made the announcement at his weekly luncheon at the University Center. "We all felt it's not time," Bowden said. "Let me say it crossed my mind many times."

Rix suffered four turnovers in FSU's 16-10 overtime defeat at Miami last Friday.

The Hurricanes held the Seminoles to 165 yards and no offensive touchdowns. FSU failed to score an offensive touchdown against UM for the first time since 1988.

In deciding to stay with Rix, Bowden said he and the staff didn't believe backup Wyatt Sexton was ready for significant playing time at the moment.

However, the Seminoles are hopeful to play Sexton on Saturday, although there's no firm plan to do so. Sexton has just 20 plays under his belt.

"I would like to see (Sexton) show me more that he is ready," Jeff Bowden said in an interview with the media on Monday afternoon.

"I got confidence in what we're doing. I'm not going to abandon everything we're doing. It still comes down to executing in our passing game. Anybody that is going to play us is going to say, 'Look, 16 (Rix) is going to have to beat us.'

"I don't think that is a mystery. If he is hot, he'll beat anybody. And if he's not, you can see what can happen."

Jeff Bowden said the team and staff are disappointed with their effort against the Hurricanes.

"I think I, just like Chris himself, couldn't help but say we were real disappointed with what happened out there in the game," Bowden said.

"It was fairly obvious -- four turnovers again. The No. 1 thing you couldn't do in that game and expect to win it. That's pretty self-explanatory. Pretty evident there's no way we can be happy with that performance."

While Jeff Bowden credited the Hurricanes' defensive effort, especially up front, he also said the Seminoles are capable of playing better -- Rix included.

Bowden would not elaborate when asked how close the staff came to making a quarterback change.

"It was mentioned," Bowden said.

"We discussed it as a staff, what we felt we needed to do at this time. I think when we discussed it again as a staff yesterday, we felt at this point, where we are, he gives us the best chance to win the game.

"You all have watched us for four years, like I have, it's a case where your optimism from the end of last year, exceeded the reality of what can happen. Give some of the credit to Miami. When you play quarterback at FSU, you are gonna get the heat."

Bowden also said he would like to see Sexton to show he's ready to take over the starting role if required. Bowden also said there's no plan on getting Sexton into Saturdday's game.

"Our first goal is to win this game. To do what it takes to win the game. And Chris will start the game," Bowden said.

"We will play the game and see how it goes from there. He gets equal reps evryday in practice. That goes back to what I just said. I would like to see him show that he's more ready to take over this job than what he has shown to date."

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