Old Friends

Tuscaloosa native <b>B.J. Dean</b> grew up around many of the players on Alabama-Birmingham. Dean remembers the hard-nosed attitude that his old hometown friends bring to the game, and hopes that it will spark the same drive in him. On Saturday, when the Blazers come to town, Dean wants to make sure their reunion is one that UAB would like to forget.

When Florida State fullback B.J. Dean looks across the line of scrimmage on Saturday when the Seminoles square off against UAB he may see the enemy, but he's also going to see a lot of familiar faces as well.

That because Dean grew up in Tuscaloosa, Al., roughly 50 miles southwest of Birmingham, and many of the players on UAB Dean remembers from his days back home.

"I know a lot of these boys. I played with a lot of these boys, they're nasty. They fight after the whistle, during the whistle, after the game, they don't care," Dean said.

There are five players on the Blazers' roster that hail from Tuscaloosa. Three of those players, TE Sam Dudley, DE Brandon Jefferies, and DB Julius Wainwright, attended Central high school with Dean, where he recorded 200 tackles his senior year.

Dean says he looks forward to seeing his old teammates again and hopes that the hard-nosed Alabama attitude they bring to the game, "will bring some of that out of me, too."

Alabama enters Tallahassee after soundly defeating Baylor, 56-14, in their home opener this past Saturday.

Dean's says the plan is to knock the wind out of them quickly, so that the Blazers won't have a chance to build additional momentum coming off last weekend's win.

"We want to let them know that this is our field and they're not going to do it on our field here," Dean said, adding, "Because of last weekend, I hate to say it, but somebody's got to pay."

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