Excited Again

Florida State senior receiver <b>Dominic Robinson </b> has gotten past the loss to Miami. His focus now is on Saturday's home opener against Alabama-Birmingham. Plus, the chance to go against a new defense and a different scheme is something he's looking forward to. Click here for an update.

For roughly five months, the focus of Florida State's offense was aimed at Miami. That was enough for Dominic Robinson, who says he's ready for a shot at something different.

"I've been thinking about Miami's coverage since the spring," Robinson said.

"I'm excited to go against something different, because I have something to watch on film and look at in the huddle."

The biggest difference, Robinson says, between the Blazers and the Hurricanes comes in the defensive line, stating, "These guys are real scrappy. Miami is big on speed and these guys are bigger and stronger."

Robinson also stressed the importance of the offense being able to execute from the opening whistle. He wants the torpid attack of week one to be mere afterthought once Saturday's game comes to a close.

"I hope we put up 21 in the first quarter," said Robinson. "We need to dispose of them. It was important in the Miami game and we didn't put up points early. I think it's important a lot more to get the fans behind us than anything."

Coach Bobby Bowden points to the experience of the Blazers' defense as one of the team's strong points. UAB's defensive backfield features four upperclassmen in the secondary, and a trio of senior linebackers.

"They are a solid defensive team that has matured," Bowden said. "Their scheme is not that complicated, they depend more on execution."

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