Focus 2005

Due to the bad weather over the recent weeks many Florida high schools have not played a game yet this season. Well, for <b>Antone Smith</b> and his Pahokee (Fla.) teammates the wait end tonight as they take on Ft. Lauderdale (Fla.) Westminster.

"I am happy and ready to go," said Antone Smith. "I am in the best shape of my life. I don't care about anything but winning and we are going to do it together as a team."

Smith is one of the nation's most coveted running backs and currently ranked No. 3 in the nation at that position. As you can imagine he could pretty much name his school but at this time one stands out."

"Miami is my front runner. With them, it basically boils down to that staff. They are all dynamic, like coach (Don) Solinger. He's an excellent dude.

"I also like Florida State. They have tradition and history and I like Tallahassee.

"Then there are schools like Florida and NC State. Emmitt (Smith) was the one running back I always looked up to and tried to emulate and I also love Zook's energy. And with NC State it's all Chuck Amato. He's an amazing man and it's more than just about football with him. It's about life.

"But I am not ruling anyone out. I also like Auburn, LSU, Michigan, Ohio State, Rutgers and others."

If Miami is the team to beat than it's Florida State as the team to watch out for with Smith. His god brother, Eric Moore, is one of the starting defensive ends for the Seminoles.

"I talk with Eric about FSU and recruiting in general. He basically told me to pick a school that can take care of you after football and to look at the education of each school. Football isn't forever."

Speaking of Miami of Florida State Smith attended the game last Friday in the Orange Bowl.

"I just went down there chilling, hoping to catch a great game. I wasn't rooting for one team over the other. Both defenses looked awesome and I was basically watching the running games to see what offense best fit me. They are both very similar for me."

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