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Former Florida State quarterback <b>Casey Weldon</b> was a guest in The Territory's premium chat on Thursday night. Weldon, who resides in Odessa, Fla., after playing in the NFL for the Philadelphia Eagles and Tampa Bay Bucs, covered a variety of topics, from his playing days with the Seminoles to FSU's offense to his friendship with FSU freshman quarterback <b>Drew Weatherford.</b> Click here for the update.

Just got off the telephone with Casey Weldon, who was on his way to his daughter's track meet. Casey, wife Lori and children Kendall (15), Alexis (11), Brooke (eight) and Cade (6) live in Odessa -- near Tampa -- at the Black Diamond Country Club.

Casey, 35, works for his father's company (All-State Construction) and is a partner in a water extraction company. Casey is a talented golfer, though he laughed and said he can't beat good friend Peter Tom Willis with any consistency.

Casey played with the Eagles and Bucs following his playing days at FSU. Interestingly, Casey, a Tallahassee native who attended North Florida Christian, grew up a fan of the Georgia Bulldogs but said it was hard "not to want to play for coach Bowden and FSU."

Casey's best memory of FSU?

Easy, he said. That was getting to know Brad Johnson. The two are very close friends and Casey doesn't hesitate saying "Brad's simply the best."

On playing for Coach Bobby Bowden:

"I think your realize more and more every day, just how special it was (to play for Bowden). At that time you are young and it's all about you but then you realize how good a job he did and what he stands for. It's an honor and privilege to say that I played for him."

His thoughts on Chris Rix. Weaknesses and strengths

"Reading defenses. I also think he needs to be -- and can be -- a better leader. When you look at his decision-making and accuracy, it doesn't appear he has gotten any better. Still, it's hard to tell since I am not at practice. From what everyone says, he doesn't seem to have it in crunch time. Daryl (Dickey) was my coach while I was at FSU and I know he (Rix) is being coached. It seems that taking it from the practice field to the game's a different story."

On Rix's strengths:

"His running ability."

On quarterbacks coach Daryl Dickey:

"The good thing is Daryl played the position. He may not have been the most talented quarterback, but he understood the offense and knows what it takes to win. He knows the progression (of a quarterback) and understands you can't turn the football over. I think he's a good, fundamental coach and I became a better player under Daryl."

On Jimmy Heggins and development of OL and play-calling of Jeff Bowden

"Honestly, I haven't been around enough to know what is taking place or to get a good feel. But I do remember hearing the same comments about Mark Richt's play-calling (laughing)."

On the differences of FSU's offense when he played

"I think we were a little more committed to the run. For me, I don't think any quarterback at FSU had it any better than I did with Edgar Bennett and Amp Lee in the backfield. I think we did a better job of setting things up, making plays that led to big plays. I think we kept defenses more honest yet pounded it out."

On FSU's receivers

"I think they are pretty darn good."

On new athletic facility

"We built that new place (laughing). I wanted one (championship crystal) but I didn't take it."

On his playing days at North Florida Christian

"I am still the best player to ever come out of North Florida Christian -- make sure somebody tells Ernie Sims that (laughing)."

On Drew Weatherford (Casey held a Quarterback Camp in Tampa and Tallahassee and he continues to keep the program going. He worked with Weatherford at his camp).

"I was forutnate enought to work with Drew Weatherford, who helped me work with some other high school kids as well. I love that kid (Weatherford) to death. I think he is the ultimate football player and I look for him to do great things at Florida State."

On Saturday's Clemson game

"Defense will play well and Chris will get it done, too."

Thanks Casey!!


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