No QB Controvesy

Florida State starting quarterback <b>Chris Rix</b> limped off the field on Saturday, not to return with a high ankle sprain. Enter backup <b>Wyatt Sexton,</b> who survived a nervous start to lead the Seminoles to an important Atlantic Coast Conference victory over Clemson at Doak Campbell Stadium. Now, of course, the question looms? Who starts next Saturday against North Carolina, especially if Rix's right ankle sprain heals?

It seems as if Florida State has been down this path before with quarterback Chris Rix.

But there is a difference.

Rix was knocked from the Seminoles' game on Saturday in the first quarter against Clemson with a high ankle sprain. It was an injury -- not a poor performance -- that sent him to the sidelines.

Rix wanted to come back in but FSU coach Bobby Bowden elected to stay with backup quarterback Wyatt Sexton, who had overcome a nervous start to play well.

Now, of course, the question looms?

Who starts in Saturday's home gain against North Carolina, especially if Rix's right ankle sprain heals?

"We'll have to take a good look at that this week and see what's there,'' Bowden said.

Sexton entered the game with only five pass attempts. Sexton admitted he had to prove himself to his teammates.

"They (teammates) were a little skeptical because I am a new guy and they hadn't seen me out there in a big-time situation,'' Sexton said.

"Once I started making some plays they got faith in me. I started communicating back and forth and we got rolling.''

FSU offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden also was pleased with Sexton's performance, saying, "I was like everybody else in wondering what he (Wyatt) was going to do. I thought his operation was smooth. I thought he handled the blitz well when they brought it. Overall, I'm pretty happy with his performance."

Bobby Bowden, who admitted he wanted to see "Wyatt could do," stressed his team does not have a quarterback controversy.

When asked of his impressions of Sexton, he said, "I haven't studied the film but just what I saw I was (pleased). You look at that film, I know you are going to see some things that's gonna show because of a lack of experience.

"But we know this -- we couldn't have won without him. We do know that.

"We will have to look at it and see what's there. I hate to start a controversy -- there may be one there. I am the controversier. I am not going to let anybody else start it. We have to look at the film and see what we did good, what we did bad and be fair in our judgement."

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