No Holding Back

<b>Wyatt Sexton</b> is at the helm of Florida State's offense on Saturday against North Carolina. Seminoles offensive coordinator <b>Jeff Bowden</b> was pleased with Sexton's performance in relief against Clemson last week, leading FSU to a comeback victory. Bowden said the key to Sexton's week is focusing on correcting mistakes and trying to improve. Click here for all the details.

Florida State's offense is under a new driver -- redshirt sophomore Wyatt Sexton.

While Sexton steps in for an injured Chris Rix (ankle) in Saturday's home game against North Carolina, FSU offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden said the Seminoles' approach will not change.

"We are going to prepare a game plan for him to execute. We won't hold back anything," Bowden said on Monday.

In five appearances as a redshirt freshman, Sexton completed just three of five passes for 56 yards.

Sexton entered this season figuring to play sparingly behind Rix, who was determined to make good his senior season. Rix, however, struggled in the Seminoles' season-opening defeat at Miami. He helped lead FSU past Alabama-Birmingham two weeeks ago but was injured in the first quarter against Clemson last Saturday.

Rix is expected to be out at least two weeks, which could also include next weekend's road trip to Syracuse.

Enter Sexton, the hometown hero from Leon High School and son of FSU running backs coach Billy Sexton.

"Wyatt seemed to remain calm throughout it all," Jeff Bowden said.

"He made it into halftime and went out and executed what we needed to get done in the second half. That's what I was... when it's all said and done, that's what I was most happy with at the end of the game."

FSU practiced lightly on Monday, as is the norm, and returns to the practice fields today in earnest. Sexton will be backed by true freshman Drew Weatherford. Jeff Bowden said one key to Sexton's practice week will be better focus.

Bowden said Sexton has had problems with fumbled snaps due to poor mechanics in addition to pulling away from center too quickly.

"We have to get his tempo better," Bowden said.

"We've got to not fumble snaps in practice. That's such how our operation in practice has to be. Hopefully, he won't put any undo pressure on himself for this game. We are not going to put more on him."

On the fumbled snaps, Bowden said, "He pulls out from under our center too quickly. I think it happened in the UAB game. It happened this past weekend and it happens just about every day in practice. And that really has been a big concern.

"In practice, anytime a ball was snapped you didn't have to look because Wyatt was always in there. It could have been Castillo or Frady at center, but Wyatt was always part of the equation. That scared us to death. That's something you can't have because in a tight ballgame that cost you a ballgame."

Much has been made of Sexton's low-key demeanor. Bowden, however, said he watched a different player in high school when Sexton was at Leon.

"One of the things that was appealing to me about Wyatt as a senior in high school was the fact he grew up around football," said Bowden, who recruits locally for the Seminoles.

"That weighed heavily. There's so much background that can help him as a player. But there were other things about him that I liked. He talks about being laid back but in high school he wasn't laid back. He was as fiery as a kid as I've seen. That stood out to me about him as a quarterback. All of a sudden he's laid back, that's good and I hope he's comfortable. But he's a competitor. He was in high school, I know that."

Bowden said he's not looking for huge leaps from Sexton. Last year against UNC, FSU had a season-high four rushing touchdowns on its way to a season-high 553 yards of total offense. The Seminoles also managed a season-high 29 first downs.

"The second thing is to just see improvement from week to week," Bowden said.

"I really thought he went out and played a good ballgame that first game. I thought he did what he was asked to do. I am not saying it was error-free but I thought he did a heckuva job. Now, the only thing we can ask is he gets better each week. That's what we have to do."

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