Looking for Plays

There is no denying Florida State receiver <b>Chris Davis </b> is one of the more explosive playmakers on the Seminoles offense, if not the most. The talented sophomore makes up for his lack of size with the ability to cut on a dime and quick bursts of speed.

Problem is, Chris Davis hasn't had many opportunities to showcase that ability thus far this season.

On offense, Davis has just five touches (three receptions, two rushes) for a total of 18 net yards.

But he's not pressing.

"Everyone wants to get the ball," he said.

"You don't want to just be sitting around. It's always a good thing to get the ball in the open field and make people miss. That's what I love to do."

In an effort to get the shifty Davis the ball, coaches gave him an audition at returning punts last weekend against Clemson. The results were measurable in the form of crowd response.

Late in the game, Davis fielded a punt around the FSU 35-yard line. A split second after he corralled the kick, Davis uncorked an instantaneous spin move that caused a quick-closing Tiger gunner to catch nothing but air.

"He was coming hard so I had it all set up before he got there," Davis said. "It was instinct."

The crowd and his teammates showed their appreciation: first a gasp, then a rowdy applause.

"I always hear that. It puts a little smirk on your face."

Davis is now tops on the team in punt return average at 14.5 yards per try. First-teamer Willie Reid has returned four kicks four 117 yards (11.7 per return).

Offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden said he'll continue to try and get Davis more involved in the Seminoles' offensive attack. Moving Davis around different formation and handing to him on reverse plays has been unsuccessful thus far.

"He's not near involved enough," Bowden said. "It's just some thing that we are really aware of and we are going do our best to get some things to him."

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