Offensive Identity

Did Saturday mark the start of the <b>Wyatt Sexton </b> era at Florida State? Or will <b>Chris Rix</b> return to the starting helm once his injured right ankle heals? Until that time comes, Sexton's plan is to keep on ticking. He completed 20 of 31 passes for 191 yards and three touchcowns in his first career start on Saturday over North Carolina. He came off the bench last week and rallied FSU from a 7-3 deficit to a 41-22 victory over Clemson after Rix sprained his right ankle.

Wyatt Sexton believes he once again proved to Florida State coaches, teammates and fans he's reliable.

In his first career start Saturday against North Carolina at Doak Campbell Stadum in place of the injured Chris Rix, all Sexton did was lead the Seminoles to 38-16 win over the Tar Heels.

Sexton tossed three touchdown passes, including a 15-yarder to Chauncey Stovall to put the game out of reach with 6:53 left.

In two games, Sexton is 43 for 66 for 406 yards this season, with four touchdowns and an interception.

Sexton hit 10 of 11 passes to open the game as he took the Seminoles to touchdowns on their first two drives.

Sexton's teammates are believers as well.

"Since Wyatt has been in there, I think the offense has had more of an identity," tailback Lorenzo Booker said.

"You don't feel like you're going out there and you're kind of like, `Man I hope this will work.' "

Leon Washington ran for 153 yards on just 10 carries and Booker added 84 yards, including a 12-yard scoring run in the second quarter.

"We've been able to get a rhythm the last two weeks,'' Booker said.

"It seems like Wyatt is content with taking five yards and taking 10 yards. He understands that eventually the 60-yarders are going to come. He understands the things he needs to do in order for us to win games.''

Stovall agreed as well.

"Wyatt looked good, being his first start. He wasn't rattled," Stovall said. "He did his thing."

Sexton, meanwhile, patiently answered the media's questions following the game, saying all the right things.

"I felt real comfortable. I've kind of been waiting my whole life for this," Sexton said. "I do feel like I've proven I am very reliable when it comes to running the offense and I won't put our team in a bad situation.

"I think that's valuable."

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