Rix Returns

Florida State coaches are waiting till game time to decide which quarterback will back-up QB Wyatt Sexton if he should become injured. The list of possible candidates increased Thursday since Chris Rix was cleared to practice with the team. Although he is still below 100 percent, Rix got the chance to take a few snaps in preparation.

Florida State's coaches are hoping the issue of a back-up quarterback will be mere afterthought Saturday when the team heads to Syracuse. But should the decision come up, there's now one more option. Injured quarterback Chris Rix is close to regaining full health and is available as a possible back-up.

"Chris (Rix) got some work today and did OK. He got some work on the field with the team so hopefully he can in a situation where he can be called upon if need be," FSU quarterbacks coach Daryl Dickey said following Thursday's practice.

"Xavier Lee has had excellent work all week and I don't feel bad about putting him out there. And Tommy Keane has also showed that he can go out there and operate. So we got some choices to make if it comes down to it. It will go right up to game time."

Thursday's practice was the first time Rix was cleared to work with the team, although most of the snaps he took were well below full speed.

"I'm not at 100 percent, but I'm just thankful that Randy (Oravetz) let me come out and I got some work in today," said Rix, who suffered a grade II, high-ankle sprain against Clemson.

"Pretty much all the swelling is gone. It's just now letting all the muscles and the tendons heal."

Rix said he expects to spend most of Saturday's game on the sidelines.

What kind of situation would put Rix in the game?

"A bad situation," Rix said.

"They'd probably have to lose Wyatt (Sexton) and another guy. I'm probably going to dress and be mentally prepared."

The artificial turf inside the Carrier Dome is also affecting the coaches decision, according to Rix.

"That is a flag for them since it won't give as much for my ankle," Rix said.

Freshmen QB Drew Weatherford is moving along quicker than he expected, but his participation is practice this week has been extremely limited. Weatherford sprained his ankle on the first play of his collegiate career during the third quarter against North Carolina.

"Having all this equipment we don't have in high school is pretty nice," Weatherford said. "So, I've been recovering a lot faster than I thought I would and I think I'll be ready to go if I'm called upon."

Weatherford said that if Sexton were to get injured he thinks the coaches would move Rix into the quarterback position ahead of him. According to Weatherford, both he and Rix are equally recovered.

"He's older and a little more experienced," Weatherford said. "But at the same time they want to save him and get him ready for the big games."

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