Fire and Brimstone

Syracuse made it difficult on Saturday for the Florida State Seminoles and quarterback Wyatt Sexton, who was making his first road start. Sexton was 15-for-26 for 169 yards but maintained his poise in the face of a raucous Carrier Dome crowd of just over 40,000. Still, coach Bobby Bowden was not happy with his team's first-half performance and, in a fiery halftime speech, made his feelings known. Senior receiver <b>Dominic Robinson </b> talked to TheTerritory on Sunday about Bowden's speech.

Florida State senior receiver Dominic Robinson has been around long enough to see many sides of coach Bobby Bowden.

Add another side to the list.

Upset by his team's poor first-half performance Saturday night at Syracuse, an animated Bowden made sure the Seminoles knew exactly how he felt during halftime.

Robinson said Bowden's speech couldn't help but get the Seminoles' attention. It showed as FSU rallied in the second half and survived a major scare, 17-13 in the Carrier Dome.

"That was the most upset, the maddest I've ever seen coach Bowden at halftime," Robinson said on Sunday afternoon.

"We've been in situations like that before and I was amazed at the way that he acted in those past situations. Like a Louisville game, like a North Carolina game my freshman year. I thought he was going to come in and go nuts -- that's what I was used to in high school.

"But he would come in and say, 'Hey, we are fine.' He would try to calm us down. But not this game. He came in there and he wasn't trying to calm down anything. He was going crazy. He saw the potential of something really bad happening that we didn't deserve. So he came in just fired up."

FSU quarterbacks coach Daryl Dickey also met with most of the Seminoles offense out on the field before entering the locker room at halftime. Robinson said he wasn't part of that discussion -- he was already in the locker room.

Of course, the wait proved entertaining. And how does an animated coach Bowden act?

"He was walking in circles. He was yelling stuff you never heard him yell before," Robinson said. "He's a guy who usually says the same stuff. Halftime speech -- when you are up, it's the same when you are down. There's not much variation.

"Just the fact he was yelling. He doesn't yell. Coach Bowden rarely yells. The time I've been here, I've heard him yell maybe four times. And this was one of them. And this was the most I ever seen him wound up.

"He came in and, 'What the heck are you guys doing? We don't got this. We don't got that. O-Line is doing this wrong. Defense is doing that wrong. We can't tackle.' I was like, 'Man.' That's definitely something I will remember forever.

"We've been in worse situations than that where I've seen him so much more calm. I told people I really feel he was trying to spark something in us. He was trying to get us going. He felt like coming in calm wouldn't have given us the right sense of urgency."

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