Regaining His Strength

After being relegated to the sidelines for the past two weeks with an ankle sprain, quarterback Chris Rix has began his first full week of practice and is close to regaining full health. Rix said that the swelling and discoloration have decreased significantly and that's he should be ready to play Saturday, even if the pain still lingers.

There was a point during Saturday's 17-13 win over Syracuse where Coach Bobby Bowden pondered a possible quarterback change. With QB Wyatt Sexton struggling to find a rhythm, thoughts of QB Chris Rix crossed Bowden's mind.

But under further consideration Bowden felt Rix wasn't ready yet. So, he stayed put on the sidelines.

That might not be the case against Virginia.

While Sexton remains the starting quarterback, Rix has returned for his first full week of practice and will likely be available as a back-up option as long as he can handle contact over the next few days.

"I think Rix is probably better off than Drew (Weatherford)," Bowden said.

"(Weatherford) is still having a little Achilles tendon problem." Rix said that he's not 100 percent yet, but he's getting close. His ankle, which continued to swell when he stood on the sidelines at the North Carolina game, appeared to hold up much better this past weekend.

"It was miles different than what it was a week before standing on the sidelines. We cut off the tape after the game and Randy (Oravetz) said it looked the same," Rix said.

"All the discoloration is gone and all the swelling in gone."

Even is the soreness persists in his ankle, Rix said that he'll be ready to play by Saturday, adding that he felt he could've played through the pain against the Orange had Bowden sent him in.

"If coach would have called on me I would have been ready and I would've gone in," Rix said. "I definitely wanted to play. I told him after halftime ‘you‘re the boss, but I‘m ready to go if you need me.'"

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