Wanting More

Virginia features the nation's top linebacking unit -- at least according to The Sporting News. Well, the group hasn't disappointed this season. The trio of <b>Darryl Blackstock, Ahmad Brooks</b> and <b>Kaki Parham</b> has helped the Cavs get off to their best start since 1998. Of course, the group must contend with Florida State's potent running game, paced by tailbacks <b>Leon Washington</b> and <b>Lorenzo Booker.</b>

Florida State's offensive approach this season has been more efficient than electric.

The Seminoles are averaging more rushing yards than passing, relying on the footwork of tailbacks Leon Washington and Lorenzo Booker.

While FSU has played well enough to win, Seminoles offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden is looking for more from his unit.

"It's not where I want it yet, because we're not averaging enough (points)," Bowden said of a unit that is averaging 25.2 points per game.

"The bottom line is to win. But still when you put (up) 427 yards (against Syracuse), we ought to show more points for that. We moved the ball well but didn't finish the drill."

FSU expects to be tested on Saturday by Virginia's talented linebacking unit of Darryl Blackstock, Ahmad Brooks and Kai Parham. Additionally, seniors Rich Bedesem and Dennis Haley have contributed.

Blackstock is currently tied for ninth in the Atlantic Coast Conference in sacks with 3, pushing his career total to 19. He is looking to become just the sixth linebacker in ACC history with 20 career sacks.

Haley had nine tackles against Clemson last week and is third on the team with an average of 5.2 tackles per game.

Brooks had 10 tackles against North Carolina and finished with a team-leading 12 tackles against Syracuse, including two sacks. Brooks leads the Cavs with an average of 7.4 tackles per game and is eighth in the nation ins quarterback pressures.

While FSU has relied heavily on Washington and Booker, Bowden remains hopeful the Seminoles can increase their pass production under quarterback Wyatt Sexton.

UVa is allowing just 163.2 yards passing per game.

"If you ask me, what I'm frustrated with more than anything is not being able to throw the ball more," Bowden said.

"That's maybe why they are giving us big chunks of yardage on the ground. I'm like everybody else - I like them fast scores. We haven't been able to get deep. When we get one-on-one it seems like the defenders are right there with us. I don't have a problem with us if they are going to allow Leon Washington to get 10 yards a clip."

Sexton, meanwhile, admitted he struggled in the early going at Syracuse. However, he remains confidenct in his ability to lead the Seminoles as Chris Rix continues to recover from an injured right ankle suffered against Clemson in the season's second game.

"I feel like I can definitely lead our team to a victory no matter if we are struggling in a game or if we are playing a top 10 opponent," Sexton said.

"I feel that I am capable and have shown that I am reliable and I feel like I deserve a chance to be stuck with through kind of a tough game. I don't feel that we have had a game where I went out there and really struggled. In the last game, I wasn't as successful as I would have liked to have been, but I wouldn't say that I was struggling."

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