Another Test Passed

Around this time last season, Wyatt Sexton was calling snap counts for the scout team. After leading Florida State to a resounding 36-3 win against No. 6 Virginia, the sophomore quarterback was calling out critics that doubted his ability to win a pivotal game

Florida State quarterback Wyatt Sexton cited commentary from ESPN analyst Trev Alberts, among others, as motivating factors that helped propel him to his career-high 275-yard performance.

"Scared me to death - what they were saying," Sexton joked late Saturday. "Seemed like everyone was picking against us. We were able to use that as motivation."

Sexton hopes that Bowden will use his play as motivation to give him the starting quarterback job for good.

Well, mission accomplished as Bowden said on Sunday he had no intention of switching quarterbacks even though senior Chris Rix is recovered from an ankle sprain suffered in the season's second game.

Rix entered the UVa game in the final few minutes, directing one drive.

Making his third start in place of injured senior Chris Rix, Sexton completed 20-of-26 passes and threw his fifth touchdown pass of the season, a ‘hot' call to a fading Chauncey Stovall. Of his six incompletions, three were drops by potential receivers.

"Not only is he doing good, he's not making errors," Bowden said. "It's kind of too good to be true right now. That's how it seems."

Sexton, who had just 20 snaps under his belt prior to this season, has systematically answered nearly every doubt that surrounded him this season.

For Bowden, who questioned Sexton's command of the offense in the preseason: Sexton connected with ten different receivers and his single-coverage read led to the Stovall touchdown.

For Alberts, who said he lacked the mobility to evade pass rushers: Sexton has been sacked just once in each of his three starts.

For fans, who may have had doubts if the mild-mannered signal-caller could handle stiff competition: Sexton won against top-ten team Saturday, a feat that took Rix 33 starts to accomplish.

"He's passed every scenario so far," Bowden said.

"He came in when we were behind (against Clemson) and we won. Second game, he starts and we win. Next game, we go away from home to a terrible environment and we win. Then we come home against a solid team and win."

Rix entered in the fourth quarter and completed his only pass for a three-yard gain. Though Bowden was mum on his start for next weekend's trip to Wake Forest, Sexton had something to say when asked if he felt he should remain in the starter's role.

"I think so," said Sexton, who had dodged the question the past three games.

"I feel like I've earned it."

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