No Seniority

A penchant to drop passes may cause a few of Florida State's top receiving threats to drop down the depth chart. Offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden hinted that improvement was imperative after Seminoles' wideouts dropped six passes in their 20-17 win at Wake Forest. That total doesn't count two other potential catches jarred loose by Wake defenders.

"I'm going to let them know that anything is possible," Florida State offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden said on Monday afternoon during his weekly get-together with The Territory and media members.

"I'm not going to let seniority cost us a win."

Bowden singled out drops by Craphonso Thorpe, Chris Davis and Lorne Sam but said he was disappointed in the unit as a whole.

Those crucial drops were a big reason why the FSU offense failed to generate any momentum until the closing quarter last Saturday. After turning in the best performance of his career against Virginia, quarterback Wyatt Sexton suffered through his worst. Sexton was 17-of-39 for 194 yards with three turnovers.

"I think he was moving the ball and giving us chances to score but we couldn't make a big play for him," Bowden said.

Senior Dominic Robinson salvaged the passing game with four catches, a 46-yard fourth-quarter touchdown included. The former cornerback should continue to see extended action Saturday at Maryland with Thorpe (bruised ribs), Willie Reid (groin) and Chauncey Stovall (hamstring) all slowed somewhat by injury.

Freshman De'Cody Fagg, who has impressed in practice while other receivers have been forced to sit out, may also become more involved in the passing attack.

"He's been productive," Bowden said.

"I haven't seen any signs of rookie-it is in the games."

The Seminoles have dropped 11 passes in their past two games combined.

"Now I've had games where one guy might drop three or another guy might drop two," head coach Bobby Bowden said.

"But I've never had one where everybody dropped the ball. It seemed like there was a conspiracy."

Thorpe, in particular, has put up disappointing numbers. Last season, he racked up 996 yards – a pair of 200-yard performances included – and 11 touchdowns before he was sidelined with a broken leg for the final two games of the season. With this season already past its midpoint, Thorpe has just 305 yards an one score.

Double-teams have allowed his teammates to thrive and are partially to blame for Thorpe's lack of production. Drops and his mental return from his injury are also viable culprits.

"They're paying a lot of attention to him, but I think he's still a little bit concerned about his leg," Bowden said.

He's still making some good plays at times, but he's not making half the aggressive plays that he made last year where he just goes and gets the ball. "He can turn it around at any time. It's a mental thing."

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