Dandy Dickson

<b>Clifton Dickson </b> is hurting much like the rest of the Florida State defense is. That hasn't stopped him from providing an invaluable presence on the front while tackle Broderick Bunkley heals from an ankle sprain.

Florida State's Clifton Dickson, a sophomore from Miami, made his second consecutive start at defensive tackle in place of injured Brodrick Bunkley against Wake Forest last Saturday.

Dickson was dandy.

All he did was tally a career-high five tackles against the Demon Deacons. Dickson has 10 tackles (four for loss) and 1.5 sacks so far this season.

He has accomplished that while playing through pain. Because of a broken thumb, Dickson sports a hard cast on his right forearm.

"In the summer we all dedicated ourselves and said that we are going to hold each other accountable and be accountable for each other," he said.

"When Bunkley went down, I had some nicks and bruises, but I felt that the team needed me. Bunk and I both can't sit out so I just decided I was going to suck up the pain and help out the team to reach our goal that we have set."

Defensive coordinator Mickey Andrews has consistently singled out the play of Dickson and Travis Johnson in the interior. Both are a big reason why the Seminoles sport the second-best rushing defense in the country. Both battle until the whistle.

"You're not blocked until you decide you are," Andrew said. "You still have arms and legs. You make plays how you can."

As good as Dickson has been, Andrews said he's still demanding improvement.

"In him I still see a guy that's trying to decide if its worth what were asking of him," he said.

"It takes commitment to get there."

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