Stepping Up

Florida State quarterback <b>Wyatt Sexton</b> has made it a habit of spreading the football around, completing 17 passes to seven different receivers last week at Wake Forest. However, his favorite receiver has been <b>Chauncey Stovall.</b> Sexton has completed 20 passes for 278 yards and four touchdowns to Stovall this season. Well, Sexton is going to have to look elsewhere since Stovall probably won't be available for Saturday's game at Maryland.

Chauncey Stovall remembers the feeling when running his route against Wake Forest last Saturday.

He saw the football in the air and was ready to make the catch.

Then it happened.

"It grabbed (right hamstring). It really wasn't like a pull. It was more of a strain. It just started throbbing -- it wasn' too much pain," Stovall said.

Stovall, Florida State's second-leading receiver behind Craphonso Thorpe, isn't expected to be available for Saturday's road game at Maryland due to a hamstring strain.

That's unfortunate, since Stovall is enjoying a breakout senior season.

In 13 games in 2003, Stovall had 340 yards on 19 catches and two touchdowns.

This season, he has 25 catches for 352 yards and four touchdowns. Better yet, he's the only receiver to have more than one score this year and has been the favorite target of sophomore quarterback Wyatt Sexton.

Sexton has completed 20 passes for 278 yards and four touchdowns to Stovall. He has completed at least 10 passes to three other receivers -- Thorpe (18), Willie Reid (8) and Dominic Robinson (7). Sexton also has completed 12 passes to tailback Lorenzo Booker.

Stovall missed his second consecutive practice on Tuesday.

"I am taking it day-to-day," Stovall said. "If I don't (play), I know Willie Reid and Dominic (Robinson) will step up and make plays. There's really no rush (to return)."

Injuries continues to be a concern at receiver.

Lorne Sam has been slowed by a stress fracture suffered in the preseason and he was on crutches Tuesday. He is scheduled for testing today.

Seminole receivers also are looking to rebound from a poor performance against the Demon Deacons, dropping a number of passes.

"He mentioned it to us," Stovall said of a meeting with offensive coordinator Jeff Bowden.

"He mentioned that a couple of years ago they had 35 drops the whole season. We had six between me and Craphonso. We just weren't concentrating, didn't have our mind on the game. From my aspect, I wasn't concentrating at all."

Junior Willie Reid will start in Stovall's place if he's unable to go. Reid has played well the past two weeks, catching five passes for 109 yards including a 20-yard score against Wake Forest.

Reid, a converted tailback who never played wide receiver until making the switch at FSU, had a career-high 71 yards receiving in FSU's win over Virginia and 38 yards receiving at Wake Forest. He has averaged 54.5 yards receiving and 2.5 catches per game over the past two games.

"One position change doesn't cause a big uproar," Reid said.

"I would take it as being selfish if someone didn't want to do something the team wanted him to do. I don't want to be labeled as a player like that. I want to be labeled as a team player."

Also, freshman De'Cody Fagg could see more action against the Terps. Fagg has played in just three games this year and has caught three passes for 27 yards.

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