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The fifth-ranked Florida State Seminoles were shocked at Maryland today, losing to the Terrapins for the first time in 15 games, 20-17. The defeat knocks FSU from the national championship picture for the fourth consecutive season, leaving coaches, players and fans alike frustrated. FSU may also have yet another quarterback controversy this week, as senior <b>Chris Rix</b> replaced <b>Wyatt Sexton</b> in the fourth quarter.

Here are FSU coach Bobby Bowden's comments following the Seminoles defeat at Maryland.

"Nothing lasts forever. We had 14 wins in a row over them. I told Ralph (Friedgen, Maryland coach) after the game that, 'Ralph, it happens when you least expect it.' That's the kind of way our national championships were. They made big plays and I don't know if we made a one. They made big plays. We are supposed to be the big-play team.

"I don't know why we have played like we have on the road. This is no different than the Syracuse game, which we were lucky to win. It's no different than the Wake Forest game, which we were lucky to win. And tonight we weren't lucky to win. We missed a couple of field goals that could have tied it. It started downhill after the second pass of the game we had for a touchdown. They called us for pushing, and it might be correct. If we could have had that, it might have meant a lot."

"We've had a lot of 60-minute football games, where in the past the games would be won in the third quarter."

"They really played good. I've been watching them, and they've played better than I've seen them play. I thought we would win that doggone game. We had guys open and the quarterback missed them. And then we didn't have people open. Nobody was...hmmm."

You went with Chris Rix in the fourth quarter. He got you one touchdown but he was erractic.

"We had people open and he missed them. Probably from not playing. Probably had he been playing he probably could have made some of those plays. He's always played well against Maryland. Wyatt was doing the same thing. We had people open and we were missing them. Not all of the time, some of the time. And their quarterback probably played 10 times better than they expected him to play, too, because he hadn't done that all year."

You had two chances late.

"If we could have gotten a touchdown... if you just catch up with them, just catch up with them. They could play very cautious as long as they don't make critical errors, they were in pretty good shape. They kept us guessing with their blitzes. They did a good job with that. We expected a lot of that.

"We tried down the sideline quite a few times. Nobody was making any big plays. Somebody has got to go up and catch the ball. We got no big plays. And you say their corners played well. Well, that's probably true but still we are supposed to make plays."

Will you look at your quarterback situation?

"I will look at it real hard to see what's happening."

Did you feel like the way they were stuffing the line of scrimmage that you couldn't run the ball?

"We could but we couldn't put anything together. In other words, if you run it once you make five yards. You run it twice and they stuff you.It was kind of like a wasted series nearly. If you ran it first and made five yards, which we did several times. And then we come up on second down and now they would blitz and we couldn't block everybody and it's third-and-five.

"You were hoping they wouldn't wake up. They simply struggled. They didn't look like the same Maryland team I've seen the last couple of games.

"We had our chances. I needed a great catch out of somebody. A great play out of somebody. No doubt about it the thing to do was put Chris in because he did give them some fits running around back there and trying to get people open while he was scrambling around out there. He gave us a shot at it."

Where do you go from here?

"Just try to win each game and end up with the best season you can. That's the only thing you can do. Just try to win the game and have a good a season as you can."

You've had trouble on the road.

"We have not played good on the road at all. I say we haven't played good. We've had our brains beat out on the road. We managed to win a couple. If we would have won this tonight, we would have said, 'Well, same ol' thing.' I don't know why. We have a rough time on the road. I do not know."

You tried going deep a lot tonight.

"They were playing on top of us. They pressed us. Wouldn't give us the short stuff. We need some catches on the jump ball. We've done it all year. We've made those catches in the past. I told them there was gonna be a lot of jump balls this week. The way they played defense, there was gonna be a lot of jump balls. We just didn't come down with any of them."

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