Captain's Choice

In a move that caught many by surprise, including players, Florida State coach <b>Bobby Bowden</b> revived a tradition that's not one of the team's most publicized -- with good reason. Bowden named new team captains following the Seminoles' defeat at Maryland last Saturday.

Travis Johnson viewed the news with mixed blessings.

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden named new captains Wednesday.

Tight end Paul Irons (offense), Johnson and Bryant McFadden (special teams) replaced Ray Willis, Jerome Carter and Xavier Beitia, respectively.

"We have got new captains," Bowden said.

"You lose a ball game and get new captains and they stay there as long as we are winning. Paul Irons will be offense, Travis Johnson will be for defense and Bryant McFadden will be for special teams. They will be captains for Saturday's ballgame and will stay there as long as we win.

"We have always done it this way. I get with the coaches and we name the captains for the beginning of the season. We always tell the kids that this is not permanent, but at the end of the year we will let you all vote on the captains. It started off every time we would lose we would change, but some years we haven't. That's just the way we have always done it."

Bowden felt Johnson, who leads the team in tackles for loss, is capable of lighting a fire under the Seminoles. FSU is at home Saturday against Duke.

"Travis Johnson is playing good," Bowden said.

"He is one of our leaders and he is a vocal leader. He should add a little fire. I am really looking for some fire."

The last time Bowden made a change at captain came midway through the 2002 season when he named defensive end Alonzo Jackson the defensive captain in place of linebacker Jerel Hudson.

"I feel like I am undeserving because Jerome (Carter) is such a great leader and the captain of the defense," Johnnson said.

"I feel like even though Coach Bowden bestowed this honor upon me, I feel like Jerome is still the captain. I listen to Jerome and everyone listens to what he has to say. I am just a ball player I am not really a big speaker. I am not that type of guy. I just want to play. It is very much an honor."

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