Leon's Ready

The Florida State Seminoles held a light practice on Sunday night in preparation for their fifth road game of the season -- Thursday at North Carolina State. FSU will get some needed help on offense with the return of tailback <b>Leon Washington,</b> who has missed the past two games with a separated shoulder. Washington said on Sunday night he feels rested and refreshed.

Here's a Q & A with Florida State tailback Leon Washington from Sunday night's practice.

Opening Comments

"It's good to be back. Fresh legs. Fresh legs -- it feels good to be back."

This team has not much success on the road this season. Although you are 2-2, you could easily be 0-4.

"It's one of those things on the road..teams are playing at home, they are playing Florida State and they are really jacked up for us. We have to go in with the mindset that we have Virginia at home. We have to make believe, or pretend how we want to get it done, that wherever we are at, that's our home. And we have to get jacked up for the game. The last couple of games on the road we haven't been playing well, guys haven't been up for it. I am quite sure...N.C. State has a lot of players on their team from Florida and we know a lot of those guys, played with them. I am quite sure guys will be jacked up for this one. We don't have a choice. We have to."

The thing this team hasn't done on the road is to take that first drive and score a touchdown.

"I noticed that to. I am glad you made that point because I am going to mention that to the team tomorrow (Monday). That's the one thing I noticed that every time we are on the road, that first drive we tend to go three-and-out. That could be definitely one of our goals. Let's take the first drive, the first time we get the ball on offense, let's score. Our defense is going to hold down for us. They don't have Philip Rivers this time. They have a young quarterback in there. Our goal is to put points on the board and we will take care of business from there."

Except for Miami, you have been down by double-digits at halftime on the road.

"It's a sense of urgency. We haven't had that on the road this year. It's one of those things we can't let happen in this game. So, hopefully we will go out there, guys will be jacked up and ready to play."

Were you surprised by the Miami-Clemson outcome?

"I told my friend (at Clemson) that if you go out there with an alright offense -- your defense is pretty good -- you will come out with a win. That's what they did. They ran the ball pretty well and kept Miami off the field. I told him that after we played Miami."

Coach Bowden turns 75 tomorrow. Does he look to you like a 75-year-old?

"He doesn't look 75. I was watching him run the other day on the practice fields. He's in great shape. Good for him. I wish I can live that old. He has been doing a lot of good things. He's a strong man in his faith and God is taking care of him."

About a week ago, it appeared you guys didn't have a shot at a top-tier bowl. After the Miami loss, you guys are back in it?

"That just pisses me off, it makes me mad that we didn't take care of business against Miami and Maryland. We don't want it to be seem like we are just waiting for other teams to mess up to help us out. It's one of those things that happen and we are just fortunate that we keep end up with chances and more chances. Hopefully, we can take care of these last few games. We just need to take care of business."

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