Starter's Role?

With Florida State players busy prepapring for final exams and coaches busy recruiting, Seminoles fans have plenty to debate over the next few weeks. Possible coaching moves aside, the next biggest topic concerns FSU's quarterback position. Who should start in the Seminoles' bowl game -- sophomore Wyatt Sexton or senior Chris Rix?

Florida State coach Bobby Bowden has a number of issues to mull over the next few weeks.

Possible coaching changes aside off the field, there's plenty to review on the field as the Seminoles await on their bowl destination.

For starters, Bowden must decide on a starting quarterback for the bowl game -- Wyatt Sexton or Chris Rix?

Sexton, a sophomore, represents the future.

He moved into the starter's roll following an ankle injury to Rix, starting seven of the Seminoles' final eight games. Sexton has appeared in 15 career games, going 13-2.

However, Sexton was lifted in favor of Rix in last Saturday's disappointing loss to rival Florida in the Seminoles' regular-season finale.

Sexton went 14 of 32 for 164 yards with an interception. He also was sacked three times. Sexton told TheTerritory following the game that he was not happy about being benched but understood.

Rix, meanwhile, looked about as good against the Gators as he had the entire season -- this after recapturing his starting role against Duke on Nov. 6 but being replaced once again by Sexton after struggling.

Rix appeared to be finally over his lingering ankle injury, tossing a 27-yard pass to receiver Chauncey Stovall following a winding scramble in the pocket to ignite the home crowd against UF.

Rix, a senior, finished 9 of 16 for 150 yards and led the Seminoles to a pair of scores, including Xavier Beitia's 51-yard field goal that pulled the Seminoles within 20-13 with 3:48 remaining.

Rix would get one more opportunity, moving FSU to the Florida 18-yard line in the final minute. However, Rix threw two straight incompletions and was intercepted on a square-in pass across the middle to Stovall.

Rix said the Seminoles need to stick together during the break.

"It's hard to imagine we're not really in the running anymore for a BCS bowl, but we have to get our minds past that and concentrate on winning wherever we play," Rix said.

Although Bowden said he needed time to review the quarterback position in terms of naming a starter, he admitted he thought Rix had better movement in the pocket.

Following the game Bowden did not know if Rix played better simply because he was making better reads or simply created more time in the pocket for himself.

"(It) could be he was seeing things the other guy wasn't seeing," Bowden said.

"Could have been his stroke -- we called the same plays. He has four different guys he can go to. One quarterback chooses him; the other quarterback chooses him. When they read their progressions, they all should go to the same guy. It could have been our coaches told him, 'When you go in there, look for this or look for that.' "

Of course, it's the Seminoles who are left looking for answers over the next couple of weeks.

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