Noles Visit Orlando OT

Orlando Edgewater's Matt Hardrick is taking a closer look at the Seminoles, he says. It's one of three schools that Hardrick has placed at the top of his list, and in a little over a month he will make an official visit to Tallahassee. FSU Asst. Coach Billy Sexton met with Hardrick Tuesday to discuss his future.

Florida State assistant coach Billy Sexton met with Orlando Edgewater's offensive lineman Matt Hardrick and his family Tuesday night. They discussed getting Hardrick qualified, and the role he might play in his first season if he attended FSU.

Hardrick says he would like to get as much work as possible as a true freshmen, because he values game experience over taking a red-shirt in his initial year. According to Hardrick, Sexton said he would get the opportunity to earn playing time.

"I'm looking for the school with the best plan," Hardrick said. "Education is very important and so is getting to the next level of football."

Sexton is the only FSU coach to make contact with Hardrick, so far.

"He seems like a great guy, who is very humble," Hardrick said of Sexton, adding that he would love to work with him if Sexton were the coach who was responsible for his unit.

Hardrick has an official visit to Florida State scheduled for Jan. 7, 2005. It is the first and only official visit scheduled at this time.

He will also be heading south to the Orange Bowl to watch Miami take on Virginia Tech, Saturday.

Originally, Hardrick listed eight potential schools, but has since narrowed it to five (Miami, Florida State, Oklahoma, Old Miss, and Florida). He said his top three are FSU, Miami, and OU. Although, there was no clear favorite, Hardrick is taking a closer look at the Seminoles
Hardrick is ranked 75th on Hot 100, and ninth in his position (OL). He is listed at 6-foot-5, 342 lbs., and benches 320 lbs.

Hardrick moved to guard this season after working previously at tackle. He said he enjoys playing at the new position, but it took a period of adjustment.

"It was a little difficult (making the adjustment)," he said. "At tackle you don't make the calls."

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