Six Seminole Coaches Visit NC Standout

With the huge need at defensive end and the loss of Averell Spicer to Southern Cal, the Seminole coaching staff has turned their attention to another big defensive end prospect from Wilson (NC) Beddingfield. On Saturday, several Seminole coached headed up to South Carolina for the North Carolina/South Carolina Shrine Bowl to watch the four-star prospect in person.

"There were coaches from Virginia Tech, North Carolina and South Carolina all week during practice," Everette Brown said. "At the game Coaches from Florida State and Notre Dame were there." Florida State actually brought six coaches up there. Coach Lilly, Sexton, Haggins, Allen, Bowden, and Steele were all there. They were to see both me and Derrick Nicholson. I was quite impressed with the showing."

Brown spent a lot of time with Shrine Bowl MVP linebacker Derek Nicholson on and off the field.

"I was impressed with him," he said. "Derek flows to the ball real well. His family and I talked about Florida State since their son A.J plays there. They said it's a good opportunity down there and that they got use to the drive. They also said it feels like home down there."

Distance has always been a factor with the Brown family. Has that changed at all?

"My family is starting to open up to the idea of playing farther away from home," he said. "It's a good drive but Florida State opens up their defense which I like. They have a good opportunity for early playing time."

Other schools at the top of his list are Virginia Tech and North Carolina.

"I would probably say Virginia Tech, North Carolina and Florida State are my top three." he said. "I liked Florida State but I need something to compare it to so I'm anxious to take my other visits."

Brown turned heads all week during practice. He also had a solid performance in the game.

"South Carolina was in the shot gun most of the game and they threw quickly," he said. "I was still able to hit the quarterback twice and record five hurries. After the game the South Carolina players said they were running away from me all game long. It was a great experience and we were playing for the kids at the hospital."

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