Q & A with QB Drew Weatherford

With the graduation of Chris Rix and the inconsistent play of Wyatt Sexton, one would tend think the door will be wide open this spring for the starting quarterback position. Sexton will most likely enter the spring as the No.1 but Drew Weatherford will have something to say about that before it's all said and done. The Territory caught up with the former 4A Player of the Year to find out how things are going now and to discuss the future.

What is your role right now in practices?

I'm pretty much trying to be ready in case something crazy happens to Chris and Wyatt. I'm taking as many snaps as I can get. They are taking the majority of them but I'm work myself in there once in a while.

Has anyone talked to you about what your role is going to be this spring? Is the quarterback job going be open?

I haven't heard yet. I'm sure they will let us know after the season winds down. They probably don't want to think about next season until this one is over.

What are your immediate plans after the bowl game?

I'm going to just keep working. I feel healthy. I just got to get bigger, strong, faster and smarter. Especially, I need to get smarter football-wise. I just going to keep working and get ready for spring.

What are doing to work on getting smarter?

Just by watching a lot of film. I watch film by myself because I study better like that. However, I'm going to start watching film with my roommate Geoff (Berniard) because I want to learn what the offensive line does. I want to learn what everybody does because I want to feel totally comfortable out there.

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