FSU DE Collapses at Sunday's Practice

Near the end of Sunday's practice, the Seminole football team got quite a scare when freshman defensive tackle D.J. Norris collapsed on practice field with an apparent seizure. What's the latest on his condition?

"He collapsed about ten minutes before we broke up," Head Coach Bobby Bowden said. "I talked with the trainer this morning and he said that he's back to normal but he's still in the hospital. I guess the next thing to do is to run some test."

Defensive end coach Jody Allen also weighed in on the former Pace (Fla.) standout's health situation.

D.J will probably be released from the hospital and be back at the hotel sometime today," Allen said. "He'll probably come back when they finish the test. He's probably in good enough shape that he'll be able to come hang out watch practice and enjoy his teammates. We heard back from everyone but the neurologist and it looks like he's going to be fine."

Allen told Territory that it could be several contributing factors to the collapse.

D.J. didn't sleep for almost three days straight," he said. "He also didn't eat much on Sunday or drink enough water. It sounds like he just wasn't taking very good care of himself."

How scary of a situation was that?

I can't say how scary," Allen said. "There aren't words for it. When I looked up I was hunting for him because he just finished a play and I had something I needed to talk with him about. I looked and I couldn't find him. When I finally saw him there lying there, I just froze. It was like the whole world had stopped. I couldn't believe it was D.J. because he's not a diabetic nor had a seizure before. He' hasn't had any past history of anything like that."

Allen told The Terriotry that it was very unlikley that Norris will see the practice time or be able to play in the bowl game.

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