Bobby Talks About Jeff

With the offensive struggles, there's been a lot of buzz going on about some coaching changes. Today at practice there were some questions directed at Coach Bowden from a pool of reports about his son's performance as offensive coordinator.

Do you feel a little bit sorry for Jeff situation that he's in?

That's a good question. Number one when you make your son offensive coordinator, you're going to catch it. All you have to do is ask Joe Paterno or ask Lou Holtz. I've talked to both of them about it. I know lot things that are being said through people that tell me. I'm not an e-mail guy whatever that is. I'm not a chat room guy. I know there are a lot negative things being said. The way that I approach that is number one people that say that don't know what they are talking about. They probably never have played the game. I get my evaluations a lot talking to the pros. I ask them what you think about this and what do you think about that. What's your opinion of this? As I became a head coach at West Virginia for the first time at major school and you do something Bowden did this and Bowden did that. At a small school nobody cares when you lose. Now can you handle the criticism? I think it's one of the biggest things that drive you out. I've seen good perspective coaches got into and didn't have bad years but made mistakes and got criticized and couldn't handle it.

Why do you willingly put Jeff into that situation?

There are reasons. That's a good question. The way I'm looking at it now is he's learning how to handle criticism. He's getting some great training for down the road. Number one he's been around football his whole life and you want somebody you can trust. You want someone knows they have to put food on your table. That's the reason that's why I thought it was totally fair. After the last game, I took our Florida film and went over it and looked at every play offensively. I tried to find what's a bad call. I went through that thing pretty thoroughly and wrote it down and went over it with my offense. Out of a whole game I only saw two plays that I would question. Two of them I would have went with something else. A lot of times I'm involved with play-calling. I'll say do this or that. He catches the blame. I'm such a nice guy. I got a statue; I got a field named after me. Lets not get on Bobby let's jump his son. That will get to him. The North Carolina State team has a great defense. So as we set our game plan that week, we can't turn the ball over. They score time after time on teams that make mistakes. We played very conservative the first half because I told him to. Corso says the worst offense I've seen in 15 years. My answer is look at the other side of the field and you'll see one worse. He catches heck for that because the stats are horrible. I was so proud of that game because our strategy paid off. I came home and caught heck for it.

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