Norris Get News from Doctor

On Sunday evening freshman defensive end <b>D.J. Norris</b> collapsed near the end of practice. Tonight The caught up with the former Pace (Fla.) standout to find out the latest on his condition.

"I was released from the hospital the night before last and I feel fine," Norris said. "They ran every kind of test on me and everything came back normal. In fact, the doctor didn't see a need for any medication."

What caused the seizure to the back-up defensive end?

"The doctor thinks its fatigue," he said. "On Sunday we (friend) drove from Pensacola to Jacksonville. I was up the night before and I only ate once. The doctor said he sees this with a lot of athletes."

Norris will sit out the rest of the week as a precaution.

"I feel fine, I feel like I could play today," Norris said.

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