Waleskowski Turns It On!

Adam Waleskowski has been through a lot in his tenure at Florida State, and with each season comes a new role that Waleskowski has needed fill. Now, in his senior season, it's his turn to become a team leader.

The freshmen follies of Adam Waleskowski are beginning to seem like a distant past.

He takes the court with a battle-tested confidence that's settled the uneasy feeling which used to accompany his every touch of the ball in his first two seasons. But there's still room to grow, according to Coach Leonard Hamilton.

This is the first time Waleskowski has been called upon to be a leader, and that's not an easy role to transition into. It requires consistency, tenacity, vision, and the ability to direct teammates in a close game.

"It's not always easy for guys to make that kind of transformation," Hamilton said. "We are using every method possible to get him to that point."

Waleskowski has the potential to bring all those things to the court, and the start he's had to the 2004-05 season is proof.

"He's come a long way, but I wouldn't call it a transformation yet, because he still is a little more inconsistent then we would like him to be," coach Leonard Hamilton said.

He leads the team in rebounds (74), points (141), and is second in blocks (10). He's shooting a career-high .506 from the field, up nearly 15 percentage points from his first three seasons.

Over the past six games his numbers have continued to improve. During that run he's averaged 6.5 rebounds per game, and 15.5 points, while the Seminoles have gone 4-2, tying the best six-game stretch this season.

Waleskowski finished with 18 points, eight rebounds, and shot a perfect 7-of-7 from the free-throw line in the 82-69 win over Florida on Sunday.

"We need for him to be one of those step up guys as a senior," Hamilton said. "(He) needs to be one of those guys that makes a difference when the game is on the line, and I think (he's) had those moments."

"Last year, he didn't have to do the kind of things we're asking him to do this year. We are asking him to be a major cog in our system. He's been here four years as a role player and now we are asking him to step up and be a go to guy."

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