Q & A with Fred Rouse

Tallahassee (Fla.) Lincoln wide receiver Fred Rouse is arguably the top prep football player in the country. The five-star standout is more than likely the top prospect on the Seminole board. The Territory.org caught up with him for an exclusive interview from the Alamo Dome.

What's up for you next?

I got a visit set up with Miami on (1/21) and Florida State on (1/28). I'm trying to set up visits to Miami and USC also.

I know you and quarterback Ryan Perrilloux have become close and have talked about going to the same school. Are there any other prospects out there that you're talking with in terms of attending the same school?

Not really. Most of these guys are open. They want us to make the best decision we can.

Are you friends with anyone from Tallahassee that plays for Florida State or any other schools?

Most of the players from Lincoln are at Florida State. I talk with the guys those guys. We're just trying to get Fred Rouse over there and continue the tradition.

What about the coaching situation over at Florida State? Are you keeping a close eye on that?

That's what my hold up is right now. They have some adversity on the coaching staff. Until they can get that situated, I'm open.

What will it take for Florida State to become the team to beat?

Personally, I don't know what they need to do. They know what their situation is and how to get back to the way they use to be.

What kind of advice are you getting from your family and friends?

My family wants me to get out of Florida. I'm going to go with my heart and with what the Lord wants me to do. My mom is crazy Miami fan.

What do you think it will come down to and what are you looking for in your visits?

Somewhere I could make an impact quickly and where I feel comfortable.

Have you looked at young quarterbacks on the rosters of the schools you are considering?

Yes, I have. I need a triggerman not an average one. Until I can get one those players that can be consistent and make plays, I'm holding out.

Over the summer, I saw you're at few Florida State practices. What are your thoughts on Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford?

They are great quarterbacks.

Do you think they have the potential to be a triggerman?

They have potential. There are a lot of things those guys have to work on. There's a lot of adversity going on right now. There's a lot dropping heads. Until those guys can get situated and everything goes well, I will still be 50/50.

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