Q & A with Derek Nicholson

In the class of 2002, the Seminoles landed one of the top linebackers in the country in A.J. Nicholson from Winston Salem (NC) Mt. Tabor. Three years later, there's a very good chance that lighting could strike twice in the same spot if his younger brother (Derek) signs with the Noles in February. Yesterday, at the Alamo Dome The Territory caught up with the 6-foot-0 and 228 pound four-star standout to discuss his recruitment.

How do you fell like you're doing out there?

I feel like I'm doing well. I feel like I'm having fun. I'm playing good football. I'm doing everything that I have been taught. I feel like I have a good foundation and I'm carrying on tradition.

Did your family make it out here for the game?

My mom will be out here representing the family. My father, little sister and and older brother will be watching the game back home. A.J will be back in Tallahassee watching the game.

Is A.J. giving you any kind of advice for the game?

He said go out there and have fun and don't worry about any pressure.

What position are you being recruited to play?

Inside linebacker and weak-side linebacker are the two positions.

I hear that you hit off a friendship with defensive end Everette Brown at the North Carolina/South Carolina Shrine Bowl. Do you still talk with him?

I got his number. I've called him a few times to see what's up. He's a pretty cool guy.

Is he trying to recruit you to Florida State?

No. I haven't talked to Everette since he committed.

What's your brother's thought on your recruitment?

He wants me to make the best decision for me. He hasn't tried to persuade me to go there or to go someplace. Whatever decision I make, is my decision.

What do you think it's going to come down to?

It's going to be where I feel comfortable. All of the schools have pros and cons. All the schools are right there. Florida State, Miami and North Carolina are probably right there together. Virginia Tech is right below them. All those teams have something that I like and they all have one or two things that I don't quite like. It's going to be how comfortable I am with the people, the coaches, the players and how I feel.

What are your thoughts on the linebacker coach at Florida State and could Coach Steele be a difference in your decision?

He could be a difference. I like his up tempo style. I like his emotion and his character.

How often do you talk with him?

When Florida State calls, I normally talk with him. He's also been to the house a few times.

Has Florida State shown you enough love?

They are showing me mad love.

How much do you want to play with your brother at Florida State?

I haven't thought about it. If it happens good. If it doesn't happen it will be fine.

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