Q & A with LB Jon Demps

Last night, The Territory.org caught up with four-star linebacker Jon Demps of Pensacola (Fla.). We asked a variety of questions, including who is favorite coach, team and school campus. Check out this exclusive Q& A with one of the countries finest.

Who is your favorite head coach?

Coach Bowden. My father loves him as well.

Who is your favorite assistant coach?

Charlie Strong of Florida.

What is your favorite college campus?

Florida State.

What is your favorite schools now?

Florida State, Florida and LSU in that order.

Do your parents have a preference?

My mother would like to see me at either Florida State or Florida. My father doesn't care.

Your brother is a player at LSU. Is he recruiting you to LSU?

Yes. However, he's told me to go where I want.

Where do you think you can get on the field the fastest?

Florida or LSU. Miami is next.

Will depth be your biggest factor?

No. I'm going with my heart on this one.

With Florida getting the last visit does that help them?

Yes it does. It helps them a lot.

Who would compare yourself to?

I'm a taller Ray Lewis.

Any recruits out there that you are tight with?

Avery Atkins and Matt Hardrick.

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