Q & A with Richard Goodman

In an exclusive you will only get right here on The Territory, St. Thomas Aquinas wide receiver Richard Goodman talks about his commitment to Florida State this past weekend. The 6-foot-1 and 185 pound Goodman spurred offers from Oklahoma, Auburn, Mississippi State, and North Carolina State University, choosing to stay in-state at a school that has been one of his favorites growing up.

The elusive wide-out might have been one of the hottest recruited receivers in the nation going down the home-stretch before signing period.

The Territory was the first to break his commitment – now Goodman tells what separated Florida State from the pack of other schools chasing this elusive receiver.

What separated FSU from the other schools recruiting you?

The fact that it was a college town within a city. With TCC, FAMU, and FSU being so close there is always something going on. FSU also has the best communication school of the schools I was looking at. I want to major in sports broadcasting, and FSU has a very established program there.

Any highlights from the trip this weekend you can share?

I had a private meeting with Jeff Bowden, where he showed footage of me and Peter Warrick in a split screen. He said we have similar moves – he showed the footage of my stop and go with the ball, and Pete's moves against G. Tech on the end-around. It was unbelievable how similar they were. He said if I progress like they think I will, I could be in a similar situation as Warrick down the road.

We also had desert at Coach Bowden's house. He has a big white cat, and it crawled behind my mom when she wasn't looking. When she realized what was going on she was terrified. We laughed about it afterward.

What did they tell you about the offense for next year?

The coaches said that there will be more shotgun formation, running the gun with 3-4 wide receiver sets. They are going to open up the offense more. They said I have an opportunity to see the field as a freshman but they were very honest with me – they said the best guys would play. They told me that since I have only been playing ball for 2 years, that I would make a lot of improvement during the summer. I am going to get up there in June and run the 7 on 7 drills. I made huge strides between my junior and senior year – I am going to make even bigger strides this summer.

How were the other recruits on the trip?

I am close to Antone. We share similar personalities and both were recruited hard by Auburn. He will decide once he gets home between UM, FSU, and Auburn. Rouse has a serious side to him you don't see unless you are a player. His dad said he and I would make a great 1-2 punch, and he would love to see me on the other side of him (Rouse).

What were the coaches stressing going into next season?

At FSU, anything less than a NC is unacceptable. We know that it's not about being an individual but making sure everybody is acting toward the team effort. The guys I was up there with shared this philosophy, so that was cool.

Are you glad the recruiting is winding to a close?

When I got back from Tallahassee there were 22 phone messages waiting for me. So, yeah, you could say that.

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