Rouse Rewind

Fred Rouse is a Seminole. Rouse and Lincoln coach David Wilson did a great job of keeping a big secret Wednesday. After eight of his Trojan teammates signed and he got all of his obligatory thanks out of the way, Rouse whipped out an FSU jersey and an auditorium full of classmates, teachers and went wild.

A coveted playmaker will stay home and try to help cure FSU's offensive woes.

"Bottom line – I went with my heart," Rouse said. "It just felt right. I knew it when I woke up this morning."

What felt right to him didn't fell right to family at first. Rouse had to talk his mother into signing his letter of intent. Prior reports indicated that his family wanted him to get out of town for his college experience.

"She was hesitant at first," Rouse said . "But I got her to come around. We've up two goals and those are to pick up a degree and for me to play in the NFL and that's definitely something that can happen here at home."

Rouse said he planned to take one final visit at Texas this weekend but one factor changed his mind.

"I called them early this week and said, 'I think I am going to hold out and take and official this weekend',, but thye told me that Mack Brown wasn't going to be there this weekend so not having the head coach around made me decide (not to go)."

Grades may have also been an issue. According to rumors posted on a few message boards, Texas and Miami may withdew their offers, leaving Alabama and FSU as the remaining options.

Rouse said that a sit down with Jeff Bowden over the weekend provided a positive experience.

"He sat down and drew up 15 ways that he could get me the ball....what they've been lacking is a playmaker. They haven't had one since Peter Warrick was there four years ago. Hopefully, we can change that."

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