Q & A with Coach Jody Allen: Part Two

On Thursday, The Territory caught up with Coach Jody Allen to discuss some of the prospects that he personally recruited to Florida State. The Seminole assistant also talks about his newest defensive ends in Everette Brown and Justin Mincey.

You guys did a real nice job of filling the need at defensive end. What are your impressions of Everette Brown and Justin Mincey? Do either one of them has a chance to get into the mix this year?

I could see both guys getting into the mix and bringing something to the table this year. Justin is around 6-foot-5 or 6-foot-6 and he was up to 275 pounds at one time because he had his knee scoped after the football season. But now he's back playing basketball. I talked to him last night and he said he's around 255 pounds which is probably is good for him now especially coming of his knee being scoped. I feel like he will be a good, solid player and he's got a real good motor. He plays hard and he's aggressive. It will depend of how quickly he learns things. Like any freshman, he got to learn but he's got a chance to help us. Everette Brown has a real nice lower body. He's going to have to develop a little in the upper body but he can fly. The way he can get into the mix is from a pass-rush side. He brings something to the table because of his speed. I think both players are going to be real good players down the road. You might see one or both in the mix this year.

What about Matt Dunham? He's an incredible athlete. Where do you see him in the mix?

I think can play defensive end one day but Matt was up to 238 pounds at time. He sleeked up for his senior year. Boy, he looks good at that weight. He's down to around 225 pounds now and really looks good. He plays very well at that weight. I think that weight probably is going to be better for him which means he's probably going to be a running back or possibly a linebacker. He might be a safety or a big-slot receiver. The guy can do a lot of things and the reason why we listed him as an athlete is because we had about six different coaches said that they would take him.

What does linebacker Dan Foster bring to the table?

Dan is mean as a rattlesnake. He likes to hit folks and enjoys the physical aspect of the game. He runs well and has good instincts. Coach Steele has talked to him where he might start up. I know he's going to play somewhere at linebacker and he's probably around 215 to 220 right now. He tries to hurt people when he plays and I don't mean that literally. He's enjoys when his body collides with another body. He's a guy that will get into the mix early.

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