Q & A with Coach John Lilly

In addition to running back Antone Smith, recruiting coordinator John Lilly was the point man in the recruitment of several others prospects that Florida State signed last Wednesday, including defensive end Everette Brown, wide receiver Richard Goodman, linebacker Derek Nicholson and defensive back Michael Ray Garvin. A couple of days ago Coach Lilly spoke with The Territory about the future Seminoles.

Richard Goodman of Fort Lauderdale (Fla.) St. Thomas might not have gotten the publicity of some of the other wide receiver prospects in the Southeast. What was it about him that you liked? When did you start to get involved with recruiting him?

We heard a little about him and I was responsible for his recruitment as the point man. I knew about him last spring and checked on him a few times then. We didn't get more involved until about four or five games into the season. We saw him in the state championship games and some in an all-star game. What we noticed is that he caught the ball extremely well and he runs very good routes.

What about defensive back Michael Ray Garvin?

From day one of recruiting him, his ability to run fast stood out and he comes across as a very competitive player. He played big in some very big games like Berman Catholic. His team played them in the regular season and in the state championship. In the first game he ran for about 200 yards. In the state championship game he played well also.

Where do you see him fitting in? Will he get a chance on special teams?

There are a lot of guys we're bring in that can play special teams. In the Army All-American game he made a real nice tackle on a punt return. We're we are at right now, he will probably start him out as corner. We don't have a lot of proven players at corner yet. He got some good players there but they aren't proven yet. Last year the only guys with playing time at corner were Antonio Cromartie and J.R. Bryant. We're excited about Trevor Ford and J.R. Bryant. He's going to get his shot.

What is unique about defensive end Everette Brown?

He's as fine as young man you will every fine during the recruiting process. He loves the game and really enjoys it. He's got a great personality off the field. He's the right kind of guy on the field as a defensive end. He can run and is very explosive. H probably will need to grow a little bit but it looks like he will it terms of putting weight on. Everette is a real good athlete. He just played a game where I saw him make a real athletic catch and dunk. He's got the height, size and attitude to be a real good player for Florida State.

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