The Territory Pre-Spring Offensive Depth Chart

There will be some interesting battles this spring, especially at the quarterback position and The rolls out its pre-spring depth chart for the offense. In the coming days we will break down each position for more detail.

Wyatt Sexton, 6-2, 185, Jr.
Drew Weatherford, 6-2, 200, Fr.
Xavier Lee, 6-3, 205, Fr.
Notes:  Sexton started most of the year but he struggled with consistency, plus he isn't the most mobile quarterback around.  Weatherford should make a strong push for the starting job because of his work-ethic.  However, he's only taken one snap in college.  Lee is the most talented of the three but he was clearly behind Sexton and Weatherford in the fall.  He will need a strong spring.  There's a chance that this race will be so close and it won't be decided until late August.
James Coleman, 6-0, 240, Sr.
B.J. Dean, 5-foot-11, 253, Sr.
Joe Surratt, 6-foot-1, 250, So.
Notes:  With Florida State going to more of a one-back set, the use of the fullback could be limited to short-yard situation. 
Running back:
Leon Washington, 5-9, 199, Sr.
Lorenzo Booker, 5-11, 178, Jr.
Lamar Lewis, 5-9, 190, So.
Jamaal Edwards, 6-foot-0, 205 So.
Antone Smith, 5-9, 185, Fr.
Notes:  With Washington coming back for his season, there's no doubt that Bobby Bowden will reward him by making his the feature back in a new one-back system.  It wouldn't shock me to see one or both Lewis and Edwards redshirt for separation.  Antone Smith might be too valuable to redshirt.
Tight End:
Donnie Carter, 6-4, 254, Sr.
Matt Henshaw, 6-4, 212, Sr.
Matt Root, 6-6, 249, Sr.
Anthony Kelly, 6-3, 235, Jr.
Notes: If Carter is healthy, he would most likely be the starter.  Before his knee injury in August, he was tearing it up in practices.  Kelly could end up playing defensive end.
Split End:
Willie Reid, 5-10, 189, Sr.
Lorne Sam, 6-2, 205, Jr.
DeCody Fagg, 6-2, 190, So.
Greg Carr, 6-6, 198, Fr.
Fred Rouse, 6-3, 187, Fr.
Notes: Sam could move to Flanker or be passed on the depth chart by Fagg because of history of injuries.  Florida State will go to a lot of three to four wide receiver set.
Chris Davis, 6-0, 173, Jr.
Kenny O'Neal, 6-0, 195, Fr.
Notes:  Davis had an excellent bowl game and he could have a break-out season.  O'Neal will see the field because of his sprinter's speed.
Spilt Tackle:
Mario Henderson, 6-7, 330, Jr.
Courtney Abbott, 6-9, 319, Fr.
Split Guard:
Matt Meinrod, 6-4, 295, Sr.
Corey Niblock, 6-4, 296, Jr.
David Castillo, 6-2, 310, Sr.
John Frady, 6-4, 274, So.
Tight Guard:

Ron Lunford, 6-5, 348, Sr.
Jacky Claude, 6-4, 290, So.
Notes:  Lunford has struggled with his weight and Claude had an excellent freshman season.  Because of those two factors, there's a chance that the former Miami Edison standout could win the job.
Tight Tackle:
David Overmyer, 6-3, 270, So.
Geoff Berniard, 6-8, 325, Fr.
Notes:  Overmyer started the Gator Bowl game and had an excellent showing.

Publisher's note: This is an unofficial depth chart which is the opinion of the Publisher of The

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