Coach Jody Allen Talks Spring Ball

With the graduation of two senior starting defensive ends in Chauncey Davis and Eric Moore, the Seminoles will be low on experience at that position but not talent going into spring practices on March 18th. Last night The Territory caught up with defensive end coach to get a preview of what to look or from his players this spring.

Do you have any idea what your depth chart will look like going into spring practices?


Not really.  A lot of it will depend on, matt drills which start in the morning.  But, also how they do in their academics like going to class and taking care of business.  I think Kamerion Wimbley will be starter at right end but beyond that I don't know yet.  There are four guys that have played some.  There's some that have played more than others and that will be taken into consideration.  Also, being taken into consideration will be how they do in matt drills and with their grades this spring.


Do you know who will line up on the right and left side?


I know where they finished.  Daryl Burston and Alex Boston were on the left side.  Kamerion Wimbley played both side but more on the right.  Willie Jones and D.J. Norris were on the right side.


Do you expect this to be a challenging spring for you with the graduation of two seniors? 


Talent is found in so many ways.  There are some things that Eric and Chauncey did that the others guys couldn't do.  There are some things that the others guys can do a little better than Chauncey and Eric.  I hope that is the case.  The biggest thing we are going to miss is the experience.  Those guys have been out there and have done it.  It's going to be challenging to get a feel for how these guys are going to do in the heat of the battle.


What time does matt drill start?


Tomorrow morning at 5:45 AM.


Where there any back-ups that exited you during Gator Bowl practices that you thought might turn the corner this spring?


I'm kind of excited about all of them.  They are all talented.  They all made plays from time to time.  The consistency, reliability and accountability have gotten better.  There's not a guy out there that would surprise me.  I'm kind of expecting good things out of all these guys.


Can you tell me some of the differences among Darrell Burston, D.J. Norris and Alex Boston?


They are all kind of individuals obviously.  D.J. isn't quite as tall and rangy as Alex but he's got real good leverage.  He plays hard.  It depends on how low he plays and how quick he moves playing that low; he could do some real nice things, especially against the run.  He could be effective in his pass rushing as well.  Alex is incredibly strong.  He's not moving with the same quickness as the other guys right now.  Hopefully, matt drills will have an effect with that.  His is an incredible strong young-man who is powerful.  Darrell is a little mixture of both of them.  He's got a little power to him and he's a little rangier than D.J. but not quite as strong and powerful as Alex.  He's really good with his eyes and assignments.  Darrell is a player that brings you reliability on every down.  He's got an incredible vertical jump and explosion.  All three of those guys will be fun to watch this spring. 


Do you anticipate moving another player from a different position to defensive end this spring?


I feel like we are going into the spring with Willie Jones is questionable at best. He went through a hip surgery.  I don't know if he will be able to do much this spring at all.  D.J. Norris is still going through some test because of the seizure.  Once he gets cleared of all that, he will have a shoulder that he will have to deal with.  I'm not sure if that will be dealt with after spring.  There's a lot of question with those two right now.  I could have three, four or five scholarship players this spring.  Most likely three to four because from what the trainers tell me it will be hard for Willie Jones to get back this spring.  If we end up with three, we will probably be looking at someone else.  I have no idea who it might be at this time. We will be thing this spring.  However, next fall with Justin Mincey and Everette Brown coming in, we should pick things up. 


What did they do with Willie Jones' hip?


They went into the joint and cleaned it out a little bit.  I don't think it was a major surgery but more of a scoped type of injury.


What do you expect out of Kamerion Wimbley this year?


Kamerion has shown the capacity to make big-plays.  He's got excellent range with his feet and he's got long arms and legs.  Every time he's out there, he has the potential to make a big-play.  I think the more he players the better he will get.  He should add a few more pounds this year.  I expect him to have a big-year. 

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