The Territory Pre-Spring Defensive Depth Chart

Last year the Seminoles defense finished 5th in total team defensive in the country. This year, the team lost several key players to graduation. However, the defense has a lot of young talent and has a shot to finish the year as one of the top ten defenses in the country. With spring practices right around the corner, The Territory rolls out its pre-spring depth chart for the defensive side of the ball.

Defensive Tackle:
Broderick Bunkley, 6-3, 291, Sr.
Andre Fluellen, 6-4, 270, So.
Emmanuel Dunbar, 6-5, 265, Fr.
 Notes:  Bunkley and Dickson will switch positions and I see no drop off up front from last year if both players are healthy.  This will be one of Florida State's strengths on defense.
Nose Guard:
Clifton Dickson, 6-4, 308, Jr.
Aaron Jones, 6-3, 270, Fr.
Callahan Bright, 6-2, 315, Fr.
Notes:  Keep a close eye on Jones because he has All-American potential.
Left End:
Darrell Burston, 6-2, 250, Jr.
Alex Boston, 6-3, 260, So.
Justin Mincey, 6-5, 255 Fr.
Notes: Burston and Boston will battle for the starting spot.  Mincey has the physical skills to contribute right away.
Right End:
Kamerion Wimbley , 6-4, 245, Sr.
D.J. Norris, 6-3, 240, So.
Willie Jones, 6-1, 242, Sr.
Everette Brown, 6-2, 230, Fr.
Notes:  Wimbley is solid but the backup situation is a concern due to injuries. 
Strong-Side Linebacker:
Ernie Sims, 6-0, 230, Jr.
Lawrence Timmons, 6-3, 225, So.
Anthony Kelly, 6-3, 235, Jr.
Notes:  Sims is an All-American candidate and Timmons could be starting at most schools outside of Florida State. 
Middle Linebacker:
Buster Davis, 5-11, 230, Jr.
Sam McGrew, 6-3, 239, Sr.
Derek Nicholson, 6-0, 228, Fr.
Notes:  Davis and McGrew will battle for the starting job.  Nicholson is too talented to keep off of the field.
Weak-Side Linebacker:
A.J. Nicholson, 6-2, 234, Sr.
Marcello Church, 6-1, 228, Sr.
Jae Thaxton , 6-3, 227, So.
Rodney Gallon, 6-1, 210, Fr.
Notes:  Nicholson will contend for All-ACC honors and Thaxton could win the number two spot.  Last year he practiced at both middle and weak.
Left Cornerback:
J.R. Bryant, 6-1, 170, So.
Gerard Ross, 6-2, 187, Sr.
Tony Carter, 5-9, 160, Fr.
Notes:  Bryant played the most out of all the freshman defensive back and he's a star in the waiting.  Ross struggled and might not see the field much outside of special teams.
Right Cornerback:
Antonio Cromartie, 6-3, 207, Jr.
Trevor Ford, 6-1, 185, Fr.
Jamie Robinson, 6-1, 175, Fr.
Notes:  Cromartie could contend for All-American Honors but he needs to stay healthy or the secondary will have some major programs.  Ford and Robinson have the physical skills to contribute right away.
Free Safety:
Pat Watkins, 6-4, 201, Sr.
Roger Williams, 6-1, 191, So.
Kenny Ingram, 6-6, 200 Fr.
Notes:  Watkins is also an All-American candidate and Williams was solid as a freshman.
Kyler Hall, 6-0, 190, Sr.
Dee McClure, 5-11, 190, Fr.
Joe Manning, 6-0, 175, Fr.
Notes:  Hall missed most of last year due to an injury and he lacks physical skills.  This is one position that concerns me and I wouldn't mind seeing Roger Williams move to strong-safety.
Publisher Notes:  Defensive tackle Chris Bradwell wasn't included on this depth chart due to his indefinite suspension from the team.  Also, this is the opinion of the Publisher and not an official depth chart.

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