Coach Steele Talks Recruiting

Linebacker Coach Kevin Coach has earned the reputation as being one of the top recruiters in the country. Once again, he helped the Seminoles land a top-five recruiting class two years in a row. The caught up with him to discuss some of newest members that will wear Garnet & Gold.

How do you feel about some of the linebackers that you brought in like Dan Foster, Eugene Hayes and Derek Nicholson and where do you see them fitting in under your defensive scheme?
Obviously, you won't know the exact answer to that question until you get them lined up.  I need to get them out there to really get a feel for what they are comfortable with.  There's an extreme differences between, Sam, Mike and Will.  Dan (Foster) tends to be more of an inside type of guy who will be a Will or Mike.  Derek (Nicholson) being the same thing probably will be a real strong edge to a Mike.  Geno (Hayes) is more of a Will.
Will Neefy Moffett be a linebacker or a defensive end?
We aren't real sure yet if Neefy will be a linebacker, defensive end or fullback.  We didn't recruit Neefy as a linebacker.  During the process, we recruited him for more of a defensive end.  When guys asked what linebackers we were bringing in, he wasn't factored in as a linebacker on that list.  We can't pile that on top of them so he has to start out someplace else first and see how things unfold later. 
Where will Anthony Kelly fit into things?
Anthony will probably start as Sam.  He's more of a Sam or Mike type of guy. 
So he's going to be a linebacker instead of a defensive end?
 Oh, Yes.  First and second down is one thing but verses four wide's there would be more of them out there.  One of them in a stance and one of them standing up.  We got different ways of utilizing people. Tradition has always had here's your linebackers.  Well, if you watched the Virginia game, there were many times Ernie Sims was at the end of the line of scrimmage technically playing defensive end. 
How big is Kelly and well is he doing?
He's doing real well.  He's a mature guy.  That's what you expect to get out of junior college.  When you get a junior college guy coming in at mid-term and acts like a freshman or responds like a freshman, then you probably have a long drawn out process to get him over the hump.  But, when he comes in and then he looks like he's been here already, then you got something special.  That's the way he's been looking so far. 
You recruited three defensive back.  With the secondary being kind of young, do you see any of those three in Clarence Ward, Korey Mangum and Jamie Robinson contributing right away?
Actually, Mickey (Andrews) recruited Clarence because he transferred to Pensacola from Texas.  I recruited Korey Mangum out of Texas.  Korey is a little more bit of a jitter bug type.  He's a real fast guy with great change of direction, burst and explosion.  He's a good man guy.  Jamie is really good at man coverage.  He's an every down corner.  Jamie is a big guy that could a lot of things.  He can blitz and he can cover man.  He's got great potential to be a zone deep player.    He also guy that can roll up on somebody and he can get physical with them. 

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