Coach Steele Loves Linebackers

One of the deepest positions at Florida State is at linebacker. The past two years, the Seminoles landed eight very good linebackers. The Territory caught up with Coach Kevin Steele to find out he does it.

"People are saying you have this many or too many linebackers," linebacker Coach Kevin Steele said.   "We've always had a lot of linebackers here.  Number one we want to recruit the best.  Number two we want to play them.  Number three you get into a situation with graduation and with some players leaving early.  Let's say Buster (Davis) and Ernie (Sims) blowout year.  What if they come to me and say Coach I want to come out early."
Coach has always been a player's coach because he's looking out for their best interest and future.
"I want them to get a degree," Steele said.  "In terms of football, I want to try and put them in a position to come out early and be a 1st draft pick."
How many linebackers is enough?
"We don't know what's going to happen," he said.   "We could line up and lose five.  You can never have enough of them.  What I mean by saying that isn't that we're going to load up so much that there are no way you can play them all.  We don't have more than we need.  We will use what we have.  A great example of that is that six of the 12 top tacklers on the team were linebackers."
Coach Steele is correct in that many of the top tacklers on the team are linebackers.
In fact the two top tacklers on the team were linebacker A.J. Nicholson (88) and Ernie Sims (86).  Buster Davis finished fourth on the team with (60) stops and Sam McGrew was seventh with (44) tackles.

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