Freshman QB Talks Mat Drills and More

This spring the Florida State quarterback job will be wide open and there will be a huge battle for the starting position. The Territory caught up with Drew Weatherford, who will battle Wyatt Sexton and Xavier Lee, for that job. The Seminole freshman talks about off-season workouts and how he's preparing for spring practices.

How are drills going for you right now?
Actually, today I had to be my best day.  I feel great.  Each day it's getting easier and easier.  I ate them up today.  Hopefully, I will continue get better. 
This year has been your first year going through mat drills.  There have been horror stories about how difficult they are.  What are they like for you?
Ever since I've been here everyone has talked about mat drills.  I've heard all the horror stories.   They are definitely tough but they are a lot tougher on the bigger guys.
How are mat drills helping you improve?
Just my feet.  My feet are getting a lot quicker. Coming in I was so uncomfortable with the drills and I was a little nervous.  It's hard to be real athletic and quick.    The more I do them the more comfortable I'm getting.  I see a biggest improvement with my agility.
Are you near the top of your group grading out?
There's group A, B, C and D.  Today, I was in group B and I'm on the second line.  I think there were six people in front of me.  In group B there's all the linebackers like Ernie Sims and Buster Davis.  The fullbacks, tight ends and quarterbacks are in that group also.
Who are some of the guys that have impressed you in mat drills?

Kyler Hall is a complete stud.  He and Kamerion Wimbley are probably the two best.  They grade out the highest each day. 
Has anyone surprised you in mat drills?

Joe Manning has really surprised me.  He got a couple of four's today which is a perfect score.  That really impressed me because the coaches don't like to give out perfect scores to freshman very often.
Have you started throwing yet?
Yes, I throw about three times a week with Chris Davis, Willie Reid, and DeCody Fagg.  Xavier (Lee) and Wyatt (Sexton) are out there.  Tommy (Keane) comes out there and throws a little bit. 
Anyone out there that you are developing some good chemistry with throwing?

Willie Reid and I get along real well on and off the field.  We talk football all the time together.  He called me last night to ask me if I was watching the Pro Bowl because Peyton Manning just threw a pass that we were talking about.  Kind of like a take-off where you throw off the back shoulder and you turn around and catch it. 
What about Greg Carr and Kenny O'Neal?  Are you throwing them?
They are out there but it's hard to get together with them because they have a different lifting time than us.  Kenny O'Neal has track and Greg Carr has a different lifting time than all of us. 
Are you still watching tape of the Miami game?
Yes, I watch it several times a week just before I go to bed for about an hour. 
What are you seeing from watching the tape?  How are you benefiting?

They have run the same defense for several years.  It's not necessary the schemes they run, it's the players they have.  To be honest, I'm just watching a lot of Wyatt (Sexton) and Chris (Rix) on film.  I'm also watching a lot of Peyton Manning on film.  I'm trying to fix little things that I notice that look bad.  With Miami, I watch how Miami blitzed with Rolle.  They blitzed him like crazy. 
What do feel like you have improved on the most out there throwing with the guys?

Everything.  I'm getting use to throwing all of the routes and the type of touch I need on all the balls.  The hardest part is getting use to the adjustments.  All the routes in high school were squared off.  We didn't really have any deep corner routes. 
What do you thing you bring to the table that might be different from the other quarterbacks?

Everyone has their own strengths.  There's Wyatt on one end of the spectrum who is a prototypical pocket passer and there's Xavier who's more of an athletic quarterback.  I just feel like I'm kind of in between.  I'm an athletic kid but I also can stay in the pocket and throw the ball.  I feel like I'm well rounded.  I can do a little bit of everything.

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