Q & A with Freshman OL Geoff Berniard

This spring the Seminoles offensive line will be young but talented. The Territory caught up with a young redshirt freshman that has a lot of upside in Geoff Berniard. The 6-foot-8 and 330 pound standout discusses mat drills, spring practices and new offensive coach Mark McHale.

How are things going with you in off-season workouts?
It's going pretty good.  Like going to mat drills everyone has been talking that it will hardest things we'll ever do in our lives.  The first couple of days were pretty good.  I'm just trying to go out there each day and get better at something.  Fortunately, I haven't gotten a zero in anything yet.  I haven't had to go back with the early crews. 
Which group are you with and where do you stack up with everybody else?
I'm running with the third group.  I'm with David Overmyer, Jacky Claude, Corey Brookings and Ron Lunford.  I'm been with those guys the most.
What do you think you're getting out of mat drills?
The main part physically is that I'm getting a lot quicker.  My feet are coming around a lot more and I'm staying a lot lower.   Mentally it's pushing me to extremes that never knew that I had.  It's mainly showing me not to quit or give up.  If I go hard for a couple more minutes then I will be done soon or get a little break.  A lot of it is mental because you're pushing your body to the limit. 
What is current weight now compared to when you first reported to Florida State last year?
Right now I'm 330 pounds.  Last year I showed up at 327 pounds and I put on a little more weight than I wanted.  I'm trying to get down some before spring ball.  I would like to get down to 320 pounds.  That's my goal right now. 
Have you seen any gains in the weight room yet?
All my lifting has come up lot since I first walked on to the campus.  All three of my lifts and techniques have shot up.  Coach Jost has been working with us a lot.  Jacky Claude and I are workout partners over the off season.  He's been working a lot with us.  My bench is probably around 330 pounds right now and my squat is over 400 for sure.  However, we haven't done a true max since the summer.
Where do you know where you stand on the depth chart heading into spring?
Meeting with Coach McHale the last couple of days, he changed things to right or left tackle and I'm not sure where I'll be slated.  I was watching film today with Coach Odem and he asked if I had a preference.  I told him no.  Either side won't be a big deal for me because I'm comfortable with both sides.  I'm sure I will be behind either David Overmyer or Mario Henderson going into the spring.
How many times have you met with Coach McHale?
We normally meet twice a week.  We have probably met with him four times now and everytime I'm gaining so much knowledge.  He's given us a booklet with all the techniques he wants us to learn.  We have to grade ourselves on film and report back to him telling him what we did right or wrong. 
Has he talked to you about changing the blocking scheme?
He's got a little different scheme.  Mainly, we have been going over our pass protection.  We really haven't addressed the run blocking yet. 
How does it differ from Coach Heggins?
Coach McHale teaches four different moves.  We start from the stance to the set.  After the set we are going to the four different ways to counter the four main moves.  The way he differs from Coach Heggins is his coaching style is a little different.  He sits down and goes over each basic step and then he lets you watch it.  With Coach Heggins, he does things a little different.  I really couldn't say which way was better.  I like the new ways we are doing things now because I'm a little more hands on. 
What are your initial impressions of Coach McHale?
I like him a lot.  He talks about what we have to do to beat Miami.  He's real positive and he doesn't really yell at us.  He tells us what we have to do to make us get better.  He works with each player.  He shows us or our strengths and weakness and what we need to work on. 

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