Q & A with DB Tony Carter

This spring there will be a heated battle for one of the starting cornerback positions and redshirt freshman Tony Carter will be one of the contenders. The Territory caught up with the former All-First Coast standout to discuss mat drills and his preparation for spring practices.

How are mat drills going?
They are going well.  It's hard work and tough but we have a lot of team unity.
What group are you working with?
The group with the skill guys like most of the running backs, wide receivers and defensive backs.
How are you matching up and have you achieved a perfect score yet?
I'm doing pretty well.  I got two perfect score on Monday with two running stations and Coach Andrew's agility station.
What are you getting out of mat drills?
A lot of stuff like footwork.  The ladder is helping out.  My feet are a lot quicker. 
Are mat drills one of the toughest things you have done?
It's pretty tough.  However, I can run all day.  It's been one of the toughest things I have been through.
Anybody out there that impresses you in mat drills?
Willie Reid and Kyler Hall are looking pretty good.  Those guys have made a lot of perfect scores.
Have you started lifting and is your shoulder a 100% yet?
My shoulder probably won't be a 100% for about another month and a half or so.  I'm not doing heavy lifting right now but more just doing some lifting to get my full range of motion back.  Today was my first day of benching.
I know you lost some weight with the shoulder surgery.  Have to put any weight back on yet?
I lost about 15 pounds with the surgery but I've put some back on and now I'm around 155 pounds. 
Coach Andrew's feels you're the quickest defensive back on the team.  What do you feel some of your strengths are?
My quickness and I feel like I can stay with any receiver out there. 
Who is your roommate?
Dee McClure.
What do you think of him so far what you have seen in practices?
He can hit and a lot people don't realize that he has cornerback quickness and feet.
Coach Mickey Andrews Comments on Carter:
Tony Carter is probably the quickest guy we got out there.  He's not real big but he's got real good coverage skills.  He just needs to get bigger and stronger.  We're looking for some good things out of him this spring.

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