Top Football Player in Florida?

Last year running back Maurice Wells of Jacksonville (Fla.) Sandalwood was considered one of the countries best players.  This year there's another Sandalwood standout that's considered even a better prospect and he will most likely be up for Army All-American consideration

Jamar Hornsby, a 6-foot-5 and 195 pound safety/wide receiver with a 4.45 40-yard dash time, is considered the top player to come through the door of Sandalwood's head coach Adam Geis' office.
"He's the best player that I've personally seen in six years as a head coach in Florida," Coach Adam Geis said.  "He's one of the best offensive and defensive players that I've seen.  When you combine that, there's not even a player close to him." 
Many people have asked Coach Geis what position his star player will end up playing in college.
"It just depends on what they need the most," Geis said.  "I personally see him as a safety in college and Jamar has no preference.  "Jamar is an NFL type of kid and he can do anything on the football field."
So far Hornsby has picked up early offers from Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, Georgia Tech, Notre Dame and Maryland.
"Every major league school is going after him," Geis said.  "Florida probably is number one on his list right now.  I feel like it will come down to a Florida/Florida State battle for him in the end.  I've seen Fred Rouse on tape and I think he's an unreal receiver.  Jamar can do what Fred Rouse can do at receiver plus he can come up from the safety position and break your neck."
What does Hornsby think about his football abilities?

"I like to hit and score," he said.  "I'm probably a better safety.  My strength is reading plays before they develop."
The First Coast standout has interest in several schools, including Florida, Florida State, Miami, Ohio State, Miami and Michigan.
"Miami is a great place with South Beach and all," he said.  "Florida is a great campus and I met some of their players on an unofficial visit.  I know Kyle Jackson from Jacksonville.  Coach Meyer is a great coach.  Florida State is close to home if I decide to stay close to home."
As a junior, he recorded 83 tackles, ten passes broken up and four interceptions.

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